Aquaman Shows Interest In Playing Kratos: The God Of War

God Of War


Jason Momoa is famous for playing characters that are bulky, evil or a bit of both. With his exceptional performance in Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo as well as his significant role as Aquaman in the upcoming DC’s Justice League, Momoa has earned his fair share of loyal fan following.

In a recent panel interview, Jason Momoa was asked by a fan if he would be interested in playing the role of The God of War: Kratos.
Momoa wasn’t aware of the character in details or the lore that surrounded him, but he was aware about the existence of the character on social media in pictures. The actor showed his utmost interest in playing Kratos due to his bulky physique and charismatic personality and said he would love to play the character.

Sony does seem interested in bringing their exclusives to the big screen since they are already working on Uncharted, Tom Holland playing the role of young Nathan Drake in his origin story. So there might be a strong chance that God of War may hit the big screen as well in a couple of years from now.

You can see a part of the interview below:



Sony’s PlayStation exclusive God of War game is set to release early 2018 as was mentioned in this year’s E3 Sony Press Conference with a gameplay footage that you can see below:


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