New Destiny 2 Info Reveals Over 80 Missions , New Exotic, The Magician Tease And More

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Some interesting new details regarding Destiny 2  have emerged from the latest issue from Edge magazine issue number 310, so without further ado lets take a look at them shall we.

First up are the energy weapons . In the Destiny 2 beta there was no final implementation of how energy weapons would work against AI combatants who have elemental shields. The shield once depleted will explode and will cause damage to all enemies within range.

Certain activities also will have a locked loadout, meaning that you will be unable to change your weapon or subclass after you proceed with the mission. Needless to say this will make things a lot trickier, and hence you will have to plan carefully before beginning the mission.

Nightfall is now a timed challenge and its limit will vary by strike , hence it means you cant take your time sniping enemies. Being a clan member will also have its perks as you will benefit in the form of a reward package from your comrades progress in Nightfall despite  your non participation.

Fairly early on in the campaign players will get a Warlock exotic chest that will allow you to hover in the air, while kills whilst hovering will quickly recharge your grenade. While the crowd pleaser perk from the Gunslinger skill pods will mean that precision hits can get you upto 8 orbs , which is enough to fill up you and your team mates bar from scratch. There is also another Hunter related bonus  which according to the article players will absolutely adore , however Bungie requested confidentiality on this one from the folks at EDGE magazine.

there was also a tease for something or someone who has been aptly teased by the folks at Bungie as The Magician. But that’s all they had to say about it at this point. I guess we will have to wait and find out more about it.

Public events are now marked on your map and have a countdown as well. However some of them can also be activated manually by picking up a flag which will also recharge your super.

there are also a total of 80 missions and activities in Destiny 2 , all of them  described as substantial and there are also around 50 cut scenes. Which suggests that Destiny 2 will have a lot more content this time around. Bungie also stated that at one point they had more content than progression , which now they have seemingly amended.

*Potential Spoilers ahead read at your own discretion*

After being kicked out of the city , you awaken in the European Dead Zone , and soon come across the farm the new social space of the game. You will next run into the NPC character Hawthorne , who will alert you to a nearby shard of light which had fallen from the travel during the attack. Once you take care of the enemies trying to get the shard for themselves your mission to reclaim the city will begin. The final campaign boss is described as a shape shifter.

With so much headed their way Destiny 2 is bound to be an amazing experience. Let us know your opinions by commenting in the comments section below.