Sony Launches My PlayStation, Which Allows PSN Features Through A Web...

Sony has launched My PlayStation which allows various PSN features through the use of a web browser.The service as of now has only been launched on the official PlayStation Japanese blog, but the features are available for EU and US  account users as well.
black panther movie

Black Panther’s Ryan Coogler Revelations On The Soul Stone

Marvel’s Black Panther was the last piece of the puzzle leading to the Avengers: The Infinity Stones but Ryan Coogler believes that he wanted the movie to stand out on its own

Mega Man 11 And Mega Man legacy Collection To Launch On...

Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 will include the first 6 games of Mega Man while Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will feature games from 7 till 10. This launch not only gives old fans to relive old memories but could also prove to be a catalyst for new fans to follow the bandwagon affect

CDPR Gives It Take On The Lootbox Controversy

While most players have condemned lootboxes, there are certain game developers that are siding them as well. CD Projekt Red ( CDPR Developer of Witcher) has also expressed its concerns on the issue.
black panther movie

Black Panther And Its Implications For The Upcoming Avengers Infinity Wars

Black Panther is the final solo super hero film that we got from Marvel before the release of the infinity wars. The movie has done quite good so far and is even being considered as the best solo Marvel ever
Xbox Free Games

Microsoft Announces Xbox Free Game Days

Microsoft is carrying out extensive and aggressive marketing for it's Xbox brand to come on top of Sony and its Play station franchise. The company has launched a Free Play Days for all event where people can come and play games for free.

PlayStation Sweden’s FB Page Suggests The Last of Us 2 And...

PlayStation Sweden's FB Page Suggests The Last of Us 2 And Ghost Of Tsushima Will Be Released This Year
The Umbrella Academy

Umbrella Academy Adaptation Just Confirmed Another Cast Member

Netflix has played its cards quite strategically and one by one has bought rights for renowned and popular comics. One such example is of Umbrella Academy.
Xbox One

Xbox One X Is Outselling The PS4 Pro In USA Says...

Microsoft has managed to sell 35 million Xbox one consoles. Moreover, the mid-gen update the Xbox One X has managed to surpass the sales of PS4 Pro in the US

Shadow Of The Colossus Remake Is Doing Great On The PS4

Shadow of Colossus is one name that is familiar to the PS4. The game had a tremendous impact on the audience and managed to create a cult following. Its considered as a classic and one of the greatest games of all time.