PS5 console

PS5 Expected To Launch In 2020 Says NPD Analyst

Mat Piscatella of NPD feels that a new Sony console may be in the pipelines in the next two years.

Avengers: Infinity Wars Promotional Material Suggest There Is A Mystery Villain...

Avengers: Infinity Wars is all set to be released this summer and fans are as excited as ever. The movie will feature multiple crossovers and unite the Galaxy’s mightiest to face against the lethal threat of Thanos

The Latest On Final Fantasy XV DLC’s

  Final Fantasy XV had a ton of amazing DLC content , and now it appears we might be getting at the very least 3...

Iris The Female Speedster On Its Way In The Flash Season...

In Flash Season 4 Iris will be taking up the mantle of the scarlet speedster for atleast one episode

EA’s Battlefield 2018 And Anthem Will Take Center Stage At E3...

EA’s latest Play Event will feature the latest sequel to Battlefield which for now is being touted as Battlefield 2018 and Bioware’s Anthem.

Nintendo Switch Outpaces PS4 In Terms of Units Sold In January

Nintendo Switch Outpaces PS4 In Terms of Units Sold In January

New Biomutant Details And Gameplay Footage Revealed

One of the most unique titles of 2018 Biomutant recently got a new gameplay teaser which showed of character creation amongst other nifty things

Sony Launches My PlayStation, Which Allows PSN Features Through A Web...

Sony has launched My PlayStation which allows various PSN features through the use of a web browser.The service as of now has only been launched on the official PlayStation Japanese blog, but the features are available for EU and US  account users as well.
black panther movie

Black Panther’s Ryan Coogler Revelations On The Soul Stone

Marvel’s Black Panther was the last piece of the puzzle leading to the Avengers: The Infinity Stones but Ryan Coogler believes that he wanted the movie to stand out on its own

Mega Man 11 And Mega Man legacy Collection To Launch On...

Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 will include the first 6 games of Mega Man while Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will feature games from 7 till 10. This launch not only gives old fans to relive old memories but could also prove to be a catalyst for new fans to follow the bandwagon affect