Take Two CEO Comments On Red Dead Redemption 2 Delay

Take Two CEO Comments On Red Dead Redemption 2 Delay
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After A Less Than Impressive 2018, EA’s Andrew Wilson Talks About...

Electronic Arts (EA) recently has come under heavy criticism and spat from their fans. The company announced that it would bring up microtransactions on some of its biggest titles, leading many to question the credibility of the company’s reputation.

PUBG Had 12% Of All Premium PC Games Revenue

PUBG Had 12% Of All Premium PC Games Revenue

Bioware’s Anthem To Release In Spring 2019

Bioware is coming up with something amazing with Anthem, the latest entry by the devs into the shooter genre. The game will offer direct competition to Activision’s Destiny. Anthem is expected to have better and larger patrol zones/planets offering a new and vast world for audiences to explore.

11% Of Game Developers To Make Use Of Loot Boxes

The use of internet and the inclusion of the multiplayer category has opened new fronts for these games to earn more money. However, it seems that their hunger for money is growing more and more. Why we see this is due to the introduction of Loot boxes and Microtransaction.

Ubisoft: “PC Is The Lead Platform For Innovation”

A lot of modern day developers prefer PC when it comes to delivering products because of the various advantages that the flexible platform provides, Ubisoft is one of them and it has been supporting the PC as a primary gaming platform for a long time.

Is The Prince Of Persia Franchise Ready For Ressurection?

The Prince of Persia is a legendary series which takes gamers to a world of awe, mystery, and adventure. But after its last sighting on the X-Box 360 and the PS3, the producers have remained quiet on a reboot of the series

PUBG Going Big On The Xbox One And PC

Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) has sold around 30 million units on the PC and X Box one combined. 73% of this amount comes from PC sales alone making it the top seller on the PC.

Our Picks For The 10 Best Games Of 2017

2017 has arguably been one of the most amazing years in terms of gaming! The amount of gems that we got this year are immeasurable with the likes of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Horizon: Zero Dawn breaking on to the scene. We countdown now to the top 10 best games of 2017.

Blizzard Have A New First-Person Shooter Game In The Works

It has been recently revealed that Blizzard might be working on a brand new first-person shooter that involves vehicles

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