Arrow Fans Are Not Happy With The Direction Season 6 Has...

Arrow is one of the oldest super hero shows around town , yet it's official subreddit went a drastic change recently

The Punisher Is A Unique And Gritty Take On A Superhero

The Punisher has received critical acclaim because it portrays human tragedy and how it can transform people for better our worse

Here’s How Netflix Promoted The Punisher

The Punisher was promoted in one of the most brilliant ways by Netflix and the results so far have been nothing short of amazing

Barry Allen And The Thinker: Friend Or Foe?

We take a look at the latest poster of Flash’s season 4 which depicts Barry and The Thinker and the battle that's about to come

All Supernatural Seasons Ranked

  There is much debate among avid Supernatural fans just which season of the show can be considered the very best and the very worse....

Here’s What You Can Expect From Agents Of Shield Season 5

The Wolfhall takes a look at what to expect from Marvel Agents of Shield season 5

It’s Official A Lord Of The Rings TV Series Will Be...

News regarding the Lord of the Rings TV show are finally coming to fruition.
Arrow Season 6 Episode 2

SuperGirl And Arrow To Start Crossover Crisis On Earth X

The moment we all have been waiting for is coming close. A major crossover called Crisis On Earth X will unite all the heroes from the DCEU.

The Identity Of Vigilante Revealed In Arrow Season 6

We take a look at details of Vigilante and his rather unexpected unmasking in Arrow Season 6. 

Live Action Star Wars TV Series Is In The Works

  We take a look at Disney’s latest endeavor which is a live action Star Wars TV series. Full length feature films at times aren’t sufficient...

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