New Biomutant Details And Gameplay Footage Revealed



One of the most unique titles of 2018 Biomutant recently got a new gameplay teaser which showed of character creation amongst other nifty things. The latest teaser was uploaded on Youtube by IGN and it sure looks good. There are a number of new things that were revealed in the latest teaser. We are going to discuss each one in every bit oif detail possible. In case you want to see the video yourself you can do so by clicking on the video below.

We will start things off from the main protagonist of the game. The lead character seems to be like a furry little rat and squirrel hybrid who is incredibly good at being a ninja. While the exact details of the character are still unknown, we feel it is reminiscent of Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda. Shifu is someone who commands immense prestige in the Kung Fu Panda universe. He not only is the leader of the Furious five but also plays a pivotal role in helping Pu in finding the Dragon Warrior from within.

This furry character depicted in the gameplay however seems to be on a lone journey but possesses masterful ninja skills. The game is set in a vibrant world and environment which meshes well with the main lead who is also artistically crafted with a combination of different colors and weapons.

In addition to hand to hand combat, the gameplay also shows different weapons and machines that the character can use. We see a giant robot followed by a robotic hand and a hand glider. Other than that we also see hookshots and cross bows to fight enemies. The arsenal of weapons at your disposal suggests that the player will never be bored of the somewhat unconventional mix of kung-fu third person shooter.The character also is somewhat the unconventional protagonist that you get who mediates when left unattended for a particular period of time.

The game still does not have a release date but is being released on the Playstation 4, Xbox one and the PC sometime during this year.