The Latest On Final Fantasy XV DLC’s

  Final Fantasy XV had a ton of amazing DLC content , and now it appears we might be getting at the very least 3...

EA’s Battlefield 2018 And Anthem Will Take Center Stage At E3...

EA’s latest Play Event will feature the latest sequel to Battlefield which for now is being touted as Battlefield 2018 and Bioware’s Anthem.

New Biomutant Details And Gameplay Footage Revealed

One of the most unique titles of 2018 Biomutant recently got a new gameplay teaser which showed of character creation amongst other nifty things

CDPR Gives It Take On The Lootbox Controversy

While most players have condemned lootboxes, there are certain game developers that are siding them as well. CD Projekt Red ( CDPR Developer of Witcher) has also expressed its concerns on the issue.

Reports Suggest That Metroid Prime 4 Is Being Developed By Bandai...

Nintendo recently disclosed that Metroid Prime 4 was not being developed by Retro Studios. This news came as a surprise as all the previous installments of the cult franchise were developed by Retro Studios.

It’s 2018 And GTA V Is About To Cross The Coveted...

GTA V managed to top UK charts in the week ending January 13, 2018 and is now rooted for another major achievement.

Take Two CEO Comments On Red Dead Redemption 2 Delay

Take Two CEO Comments On Red Dead Redemption 2 Delay
EA GAmes

After A Less Than Impressive 2018, EA’s Andrew Wilson Talks About...

Electronic Arts (EA) recently has come under heavy criticism and spat from their fans. The company announced that it would bring up microtransactions on some of its biggest titles, leading many to question the credibility of the company’s reputation.

A New Battlefield Game Is Set To Come Out in 2018

It appears after Battlefield 1 a new Battlefield game will also be headed to all major consoles in 2018. The news comes via an EA earnings call where EA's CEO Andrew Wilson spoke about the company's strategy going into FY19.
Xbox One

Microsoft Buying EA Would Be Troublesome Says Michael Pachter

Recently an article on Polygon suggested that Microsoft would be looking to buy publishers such as EA to solve their exclusives problem.. However Michael Pachter gave an apt response to these rumors

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