Cyberpunk 2077 Rumored To Be 4 Times As Large As The...

It seems like ages when CDPR announced its next project Cyberpunk 2077. Half a decade later it is still perceived to be in development

WB Assures Fans Unconvincingly That They Wont Profit From Shadow Of...

The gaming community is still looking for answers from Warner bro's and Monolith regarding Forthog Orc-Slayer controversy

Bethesda Has An Unannounced Title Which Could Come Out In Late...

Bethesda has an unannounced title up its sleeves which comes out later this year as per Bethesda's VP of Marketing Pete Hines
Dragon Age 4

At Least Two More Dragon Age Games Planned By BioWare

Recently, it was confirmed that a new Dragon Age game was in the works but it seems that there’s much more in the franchise's future

E-Sports May Potentially Be A Part Of The 2024 Olympics

The 2024 Olympics are scheduled to be held in Paris France, and may potentially feature E-Sports as well if all goes to plan.

Study Suggests That Gaming Can End Up Costing You a Fortune

To many of us, console gaming may seem like a relatively cheap hobby, considering most consoles only cost around $300 to $400
Ps4 hack

NPD: Injustice 2 And PS4 Were At The Top of The...

Injustice 2 and PS4 were among the biggest winners in the month of May as conveyed by the research group NPD

Atari Seems To Be Back In The Hardware Business

At E3 2017, in an interview with GamesBeat, the CEO Fred Chesnais said that Atari is currently in the works for a gaming console.

Here Are The Biggest Trend Setters From E3 2017

Here's the complete breakdown of what happened at E3 2017 , and who came out of the conference as the big winner

E3 2017: Everthing EA Including New Battlefront II Trailer And BioWare’s...

EA E3 2017 just ended and a lot of new stuff has been shown that will get you excited for your favorite EA games and more!

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