Call of Duty WWII: Back On The Ground – Review

Call of Duty WWII


Call of Duty is back to where it first started: boots on the damn ground! And it’s about time we get a good ol’ world war 2 shooter after Infinite Warfare took us to space. Call of Duty WWII and it’s campaign emphasizes the bond of brotherhood that is formed and polished on the battlefield. The part where you play with your squad in online matches or zombies mode makes up for some remarkable memories but the campaign for this year’s entry is going to jerk a few tears out of you too.

The gritty 6-hour campaign puts you in the shoes of the 1st Infantry Division and the amount of work that has been put into this short but action-packed singleplayer mode is amazing. You wouldn’t expect a world war 2 shooter to surprise you but the cast in WWII is going to stay with you longer after you put the controller down (or throw it at the nearest wall if/when you get quickscoped).

The campaign actually makes you feel like a whole division rather than a one-man army that you would usually get as the perspectives shift a lot in this story. The intricate level design focuses a lot on how much your comrades help you in the call of duty (intended) and it really puts this campaign above any other set in the same era (and yes, I mean World at War).

The multiplayer is always where Call of Duty’s real value comes out and this year’s step away from the futuristic warfare has done it wonders. The multiplayer modes have been revamped to take advantage of the world war 2 setting and the gorgeous European maps that are in the game. A plethora of different game modes such as War, Gridiron and the usual Team Deathmatch makes the game intensely fun no matter what your playstyle. The game lets you customize loadouts with a variety of options that cater to the role you’re going for, there is a lot of room for versatility in this one.

Call of Duty: WWII is breathtaking when it comes to the campaign and the multiplayer is definitely a refreshing experience from last year’s futuristic Infinite Warfare. I only wish that the innovation didn’t stop after the campaign. The multiplayer, which definitely takes a new direction, can still feel bland after spending a few hours in it. This shouldn’t stop you from picking the game up though as the campaign is a must-play and the multiplayer, despite it’s technical issues and lack of content, is pretty darn amazing!