Monster Hunter World: How To Earn Research Points



The gaming world allow gamers to leave behind the practical world and go to a world of fantasy where they can play their favorite characters. In other words if we were to link this phenomenon with the movie world we would do it with the Matrix, where you’re so engrossed in the world that you literally have to get unplugged to face reality again.

Like the real world’s currency, games now days have currencies of their own. Its these currencies that help you unlock a new level, character altogether in the game. Monster Hunter World for instance has a research point based system. According to this system you need to collect as many research points as you can to progress further into the game. These research points are obtained from almost anything that you do from investigations to examining clues. Once these research points are gained they can be utilized for different features.

There are three ways in the game through which you can utilize these research points. The first way is to go to Palico armor and upgrade your armor or buy a brand new one. The alternative may include to go to the botanical gardens to purchase fertilizers or spend them on meals in the canteen. However it’s really upto you on how you utilize these points

Like Clash of Clans research laboratory, you have an option to boost your monster research level. You can use monster specific points to upgrade your monster level. In addition your Scoutflies can also gain points. As the levels of the Scoutflies grow they are able to perform new and advanced functions allowing them to earn more points altogether and make your task even easier.

And voila there you go this is how you earn Research Points in Monster Hunter World. For everything gaming stay tuned at thewolfhall.