Interview: Nikolas Crisci Talks About His New Game Will Glow The...

Will Glow The Wisp dev Nikolas Crisci talks about the challenges that he faced in the development of Part Time Indie's first title.

Review: Will Glow The Wisp

When I first fired up Will Glow The Wisp, I expected it to be much like the usual indie platformer.

Destiny 2 Utopia Walkthrough: Make Your Way Through The Festering Hall...

Destiny 2 Utopia Walkthrough: Make Your WayThrough The Festering Hall And Core Chamber And Get The Advanced CPU

Warner Bros Accused Of Profiting From Shadow Of War Forthog Orc-Slayer...

On 3rd March Middle-Earth Shadow Of War producer Michael Forgey passed away after a long battle with cancer

Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review: Much More Than A Turn Based RPG

Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle recently came out for the Nintendo Switch , and despite a slight learning curve it manages to entertain.
Game Of Thrones Season 7

Could A Game Of Thrones Game By Bethesda Really Be Happening?

Rumors indicate that a certain renowned publisher might be working on a Game Of Thrones video game, after a listing appeared on Target.

Bertram Fiddle Episode 2; A Pleasant Sequel

Bertram Fiddle is back with yet again and this time around we have to catch Geoff the Murderer as we investigate around Victorian London

Death Note As Expected Did Not Live Up To Expectations

TheWolfHall takes a look at how Adam Wingard went about directing the film adaptation of the highly acclaimed Manga Death Note
Mini Games

The Best Mini Games Within Video Games

If you’re lucky, when you play a great video game you may find a great game within that game.

Horizon Zero Dawn Review: A Post-Post Apocalyptic Masterpiece

Guerilla Games is back with a bang with Horizon Zero Dawn, after a rather lukewarm run with Killzone: Shadow Fall

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