Assassin’s Creed Origins Post Launch DLC and Free Updates Detailed.



Assassin’s Creed Origins will be releasing in the near future, and it will be safe to say that it is a title which could potentially renew a stagnant franchise. Recently Ubisoft detailed on how it will keep supporting Assassins Creed Origins even after launch although some of the content which was already promised is included in the season pass but besides that it seems Ubisoft will also be giving out free updates on the game.

The season pass will be included in the Gold Edition and will also be sold separately, the season pass will give you access to paid content which will also be available in the first expansion which will aptly be titled The Hidden One and will focus on events which take place after the main game has ended showing a clash between the Assassins Brotherhood and the Roman Army in a brand new area. The second The Curse of the Pharaohs focusing on the many myths which make up the Egyptian Mythology. I am expecting a lot of quests in one way or another involving Egyptian deities such as Anubis.

The list of the items included in the Season Pass is as follows:

  • Story DLC 1: The Hidden Ones
  • Story DLC 2: The Curse of the Pharaohs
  • Roman Centurion and Horus Packs
  • 500 Helix Credits package
  • Calamity Blade (exclusive rare weapon)

The other post launch content being timed events and free modes for all player like the timed event The Trials of the Gods, in which players face Egyptian deities with daily quest for some amazing rewards.

The list of all the Free Post Launch Content is as Follows:

  • The Trials of the Gods
  • The Nomad’s Bazaar
  • Photo Mode
  • Horde Mode
  • Discovery Tour

Assassin’s Creed Origins launches on October 27 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.Let us know if you will be buying the game by commenting in the comments section below.