Reports Suggest That Metroid Prime 4 Is Being Developed By Bandai...

Nintendo recently disclosed that Metroid Prime 4 was not being developed by Retro Studios. This news came as a surprise as all the previous installments of the cult franchise were developed by Retro Studios.

Nintendo Switch Another Day Another Achievement

When we talk about the gaming industry, Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s X box one are names that spring up. However, Nintendo with its Switch is taking the market by storm. The console is making record sales and is offering its consumers the chance to not only play video games on TV but also carry it with them
Mario movie

Nintendo And Illumination To Collaborate On Super Mario Animated Movie

Now, the company is collaborating with studios to bring its gaming characters to live in the form of a Super Mario animated movie.

So What Exactly Is The Nintendo Labo All About It?

The company revealed their newest project via a video that showcases the Nintendo Labo and what it's capable of. The concept shows how people can use cardboard cutouts as accessories for the Nintendo Switch to make a lot of interactivity possible within games.

Survey Suggests Pokemon, Highly Likely To Be Released On Nintendo Switch...

Felipe Lima posted a screenshot of a Nintendo Survey which revealed some important developments. One of the most important developments was that Pokémon for Nintendo  Switch might be released sometime later this year.

Nintendo Switch Exec On 4K And Switch: ‘If We Do The...

The 4K debate has been raging on for the past year or so. With both Sony and Microsoft opting for a beefed up mid-cycle upgrade of their respective 8 Gen consoles the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, questions are often asked as to why Nintendo and it's latest hybrid console Switch would never joins the fray

Xbox Outperformed PS4 In December ; Nintendo Switch Took Top Spot...

Microsoft's brand of Xbox consoles outshined its fierce competitor the PS4 last month. Both gaming consoles are mammoths when it comes to the gaming industry and are consistently competing against one another to outperform the other

Dark Souls Remastered Confirmed For Nintendo Switch

There were a number of rumors going around that Dark Souls Remastered would be headed our way in the near future. Now it is finally a certainty as it was confirmed in Nintendo Direct 2018 that Dark Souls Remastered will indeed be heading to the Nintendo Switch in the near future.

Nintendo Switch Might Get GTA V And Red Dead Redemption

We take a look at the possibility of Red Dead Redemption and GTA V on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Sales To Touch 37 Million In 2019

Nintendo Switch is a savior for the Nintendo in the gaming industry. Not only has the product given a company a fresh breath of life to the company, but the massive popularity is certainly drawing the right attention from all over the world. Recent reports suggest Nintendo Switch sales are expected to touch the 37 million mark by April 2019

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