Nintendo Switch Production Being Bumped Up To 2 Million Per Month

Nintendo is about to release their six-month earnings release which will detail how the company has been doing in terms of sales for their latest hybrid console, Nintendo Switch.

FIFA 18 Has Reached A New Milestone With 1.6 Million Concurrent...

FIFA 18 is a game adored by Football Fans and Players alike a common interest between the two communities.

Nintendo Switch Might Be Featuring An Achievements Or Trophy System.

the  Hybrid-Console by Nintendo might be getting a similar feature during an AMA on Reddit an indie Developer potentially might have proofed its existence.

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Takes Home Second Game Of The...

Zelda: Breath of the Wild gave Nintendo it's second grand award right after Splatoon (back in 2016) at the Japan Games Award

Nintendo Switch Sales Were Over Delivered According to Nintendo Of America...

The Nintendo Switch has been a massive success . Not many could have predicted that the console would go on to achieve such great things in such a short period of time
Nintendo Doom

Despite Being Locked On 30 FPS Doom Works Like A Charm...

Doom was recently announced for the Nintendo Switch, and we along with everyone else in the gaming community were surprised to say the very least.

Credit Suisse Forecast Suggests Nintendo Switch Will Sell Around 130 Million...

It's probably safe to say that Nintendo Switch has surpassed the expectations of all among the gaming community

Skyrim Nintendo Switch Will Be Special Edition , Yet It Wont...

At Nintendo Direct fans were thrilled to find out , that Skyrim Nintendo Switch is going to be the Special Edition version

Super Mario Odyssey To Have More Than 600 Power Moons

Super Mario Odyssey is one of the most highly anticipated games of this year and it is releasing in less than a month's time!
Super Mario Odyssey

What’s The Obsession With Mario’s Nipples In Super Mario Odyssey?

Recently in a Nintendo Direct event new details were released for Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch

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