PS5 Expected To Launch In 2020 Says NPD Analyst

PS5 console


The gaming console industry has come under deep pressure amid stiff competition prevailing in the market. With the advent of Nintendo Switch, Microsoft and Sony are being given a run for their money. In recent months Nintendo has surpassed the PS4 in terms of monthly sales. So what growth strategy is Sony going to adopt the counter the challenge?

Analysts are under the impression that Sony might be launching the PS5 by 2020. Microsoft has already launched Xbox One X which is seen more of a separate console rather than a mid gen upgrade and thus the PS5 may be a perfect counter measure to Microsoft. While Sony has revealed little, Mat Piscatella of NPD feels that a new Sony console may be in the pipelines in the next two years.

We believe that Sony must take its time and not be looking to do things in a hurry.  The reason Nintendo Switch was able to grasp so much attention was due to the convenience it offered. Differentiating your product solely based on graphics and new titles at some point in time may be a turn off for the fans. Thus Sony should put some thought behind this issue and try to match or surpass what the industry has to offer.

Harold Vancol, creative director at Grab Games also feel that the PS5 should offer something new. He is of the view that the PSVR must be sold with the PS 5. He regarding the issue said that “Buying a new console is a big undertaking for a lot of people, and buying the headset that I think people want to see in the future of PlayStation can almost be like buying a new console. So having these purchases separated gives each thing its own time to shine. However, PlayStation 5 and PSVR should be considered essential together.”

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