Mass Effect Andromeda Features Over 1200 Unique Characters, Gets Final Trailer

Mass Effect

With March 21st creeping closer, Bioware has piqued fans interest by revealing new details of their upcoming game. Mass Effect games have always had a plethora of unique characters that you interact with and *ahem* build relationships with, and Mass Effect Andromeda will have even more of them.

Mass Effect 3 has the current highest character count of the series, with 670 unique characters. But during PAX East Panel, while showcasing new gameplay for Mass Effect Andromeda, Bioware exec and the games lead designer Mac Walters revealed that Mass Effect Andromeda will feature over 1200 unique characters, almost double that of Mass Effect 3.

Other details about the game and its launch have emerged as well.  Bioware has announced that a Day One patch for the game may be rolled out ahead of launch, which is about two weeks away. The patch is still in the works, and the general manager at Bioware has said that devs are aiming to release the patch as soon and close to launch as possible, with their target being March 16th for Origin Access members who will have early access to the game on the same day.

The final trailer for the game was released yesterday. The trailer teases the games story, with a character saying “The entire Initiative is at risk. None of the Golden Worlds panned out. We need to find more resources, but that takes people, and we can’t wake them up.” Although vague, the dialogue tells us that the Initiative did not find the Andromeda Galaxy as hospitable as they it thought it would be. The second part of the dialogue indicates that the Initiative may not be able to house or support the thousands of colonists still in cryosleep without planetary bases to draw from. We’ll get our answers when Mass Effect: Andromeda is launched later this month.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action adventure RPG, and is the newest entry in Biowares hit Mass Effect series. The game is schedules to launch on March 21st for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.