Review: Assassin’s Creed Origins; A Brand New Direction



Taking an year off from the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Origins has been a breath of fresh air and I have been glued to the TV screen the past few weeks admiring how big of an improvement has it been on it’s predecessors. Everything’s been revamped, from the combat to the massively exciting and breathing open world that is just begging to be explored and looks absolutely breathtaking to say the very least.

In Assassin’s Creed Origins lead protagonist is Bayek, who is the last Protector of Egypt. The story and the premise is amongst one of the most historically accurate and you can actually see the attention to detail that has gone into making this game.Origins brings new meaning to the franchise with a deep and interesting story that includes politics, gladiator battles and deep-seated revenge.

In many ways this is a full fledged RPG game, something which was missing from the previous installments, which at best can be described lackluster . Leveling up gives a certain sense of achievement and the variety of the weapons make combat genuinely tough, rewarding those that plan out their arsenal before going in to battle. The armor system is also a fun way to grind after the end-game and the gladiator battles keep you hooked for way longer than you’d expect. The in-game content and the amazing scenery just wants you to come back for more and more.

Every challenge and side quest feels interesting and unique and the hidden temples that tie into the long-running sci-fi story of the Assassin’s Creed make exploring a lot of fun. All of the travel and beauty of the open-world is equally amplified by the fact that there are absolutely no loading screens in the game (apart from some exceptions and the fast travel option).

Combat has been amped-up and is challenging to say the least. The added ability to lock-on to an enemy lets you mix things up in battle and blocking or parrying at the correct time can be crucial. Different types of weapons lets you switch up loadouts and try new strategies against different types of enemies, and I found myself regularly keeping multiple choices for a single type of weapon to take full advantage of a situation.

Assassin’s Creed Origins is an exciting RPG with fluid combat and a stellar story, with only a couple of technical issues such as framerate drops that do less than enough to take away the fun from it. If you liked this review, be sure to leave a comment and stay tuned for more!