GameStop Has Decided To Close A Number Of Stores Nationwide

Declining sales have put GameStops future in jeopardy, with upto 150 of their stores closing
Ps4 hack

Sony Dominated Console Market In 2016, Having A 57% Share Of...

Sony dominated the console market in 2016, with Microsoft at second and Nintendo at third.

3DS Software Sales Hit 100 Million In Japan

Despite the imminent arrival of Nintendo’s highly anticipated console the Nintendo Switch, the 3DS is still very much up and running.
games award

The Game Awards 2016 Quietly Removes Two Controversial Nominees

A couple of the frontrunners and notable fan releases this year have been pulled from the race, and there is no reason why

Games Stop Earnings Call: Major October Releases Underperform

The videogame retailer Gamestop today reported its earnings for the quarter ending October 29

Nintendo’s Switch To Have 4 GB Of Ram (half of...

Nintendo Switch will likely have computing capabilities of handheld devices

SNES Game Accompanies New Lime Green Nintendo 3DS XL

New Lime Green Nintendo 3DS XL to be accompanied by SNES game
Nintendo NX

Nintendo Switch Priced At 799 Euros By Dutch Retailers

Dutch retailers places Nintendo Switch at an alarming Pre-order price
Nintendo NX

Phil Spencer Reacts To Nintendo Switch Announcement

Xbox Boss reacts to the announcement of the launch of Nintendo Switch

Here Is Why the Nintendo Switch Is Bound To Be A...

Nintendo's new console Switch promises to offer us much more than we could have ever imagined

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