PS4 Has Sold Over 76.5 Million Units, 9 Million Units Shipped In Last 3 Months Of 2017

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It seems increasingly likely that the PS4 is going to pass the coveted 100 Million mark of number of units sold. In it’s most recent financial earnings Sony revealed that the console has sold around 76.5 Million units.

In the last 3 months of 2017  (October to December) the PS4 has gone on to ship around 9 Million units. Which is about 700,000 short same time last year. Keep in mind that this shows the number of units shipped rather than units sold.

This is till a phenomenal number for a console which will be 5 years old come November 2018. Add to this the fact that it still has the likes of God Of War , Days Gone and The Last of Us 2 pending release. It just makes you wonder just how many titles will Sony release which are system sellers? I have intentionally mentioned just a few titles that are in the pipeline for the PS4, however the reality is that there are atleast an estimated 8 titles from now till 2019 that have the potential to be system sellers.

At the rate at which the PS4 is going it will take somewhere around 2019 to reach the coveted 100 Million mark. I believe that it can be achieved even earlier because the PS4 does have the kind of software which can be termed as legitimate system sellers.

The same however cannot be said about the green brand “Xbox”. Who have gone for a powerful hardware as opposed to amazing software. However recently it was rumored that Phil Spencer and the higher up’s were looking to change their strategy when it came to Xbox One exclusives.

However the PS4 at this point is quite well established and it would take Xbox nothing short of a miracle to topple the PS4 of it’s perch.

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Source: The entire financial report can be found by clicking on the following link.