Avengers: Infinity Wars Promotional Material Suggest There Is A Mystery Villain In The Movie



Avengers: Infinity Wars is all set to be released this summer and fans are as excited as ever. The movie will feature multiple crossovers and unite the Galaxy’s mightiest to face against the lethal threat of Thanos. This installment is expected to be the darkest Avengers film of all time and is expected to be quite a treat to watch. But while we may be quite familiar with the heroes can the same be said for the villains.

Yes, you heard us correct, we mentioned villains and not villain. While Thanos may be quite a bad ass it is highly unlikely that he will come to Earth alone to battle it all out. We believe that our heroes will have to wait till the very end to face this monstrous being and would have to face a number of different foes before reaching the boss level.

Thanos in his quest for the infinity stones will be utilizing the help of his children in Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, The Black Order: Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw. There are rumors on the internet that we might be introduced to another villain other than the ones mentioned above. The latest merchandise of the Avengers movie featured a new less familiar villain.Which you can see in the image below. Look at the image below on the mug.

Fans have been speculating who this mystery villain is. While some are thinking it of as Cull Obsidian others think of it as Outrider, leader of Thanos’s henchman. Many also believe that this may be a new character altogether. Whatever the case is, fans will just have to wait for the movie to find out what’s more in store for them.

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