EA Community Manager Calls Concerned Star Wars Battlefront II Fans “Arm Chair Developers”

Star Wars


Star Wars Battlefront II is one of the most awaited titles in recent years , but recent concerns from fans about a pay to win system has caused some controversy.

EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II beta showed of a number of new maps , heroes and weapons. If you ask me the game looked pretty decent . However one thing that caught the fans attention was the microtransactions. Sure Star Wars Battlefront II will give maps and DLC’s for free, but it will also use a loot box type system for various upgrades and this is what has caused a lot of controversy in the past few weeks or so.

EA DICE even reassured fans in a blog post  that the loot crates and progression system would be fine tuned over a period of time, and yet the fans were not convinced. They had a legitimate concern that the game was entirely dependent upon loot boxes and it would take a lot of time for gamers to get a specific upgrade for a certain weapon and that could severely hamper progress.

Most recently EA’s Community Manager took to Twitter to take a sly dig at the fans who were not satisfied with EA DICE’s explanation. The Tweet which has since been deleted read “The arm chair developers on this internet” .


Needless to say it didn’t go down with the majority of Star Wars Battlefront II fans.


It’s not my place to judge people , but the job of the Community Manager is to actually reassure the community, in this case the fans and not antagonize them. They have a legitimate concern regarding what is now quickly becoming a norm for the gaming industry.

This tweet is done in bad taste , and while it wont affect the games sale by a lot , it has certainly disenchanted a number of fans who are steadily growing tired of a pay to win system that has unfortunately become an industry norm.

What do you make of the Star Wars Battlefront II microtransactions? let us know by commenting in the comments section below.

  • RyanT

    Oh…..yeah that’s the way to quell a storm. 🤔🙄

  • Fred_Evil

    EA’s Battlefront is garbage anyways. Not 1/10 the game the originals were. They deserve to be shamed for what they did to a very, very cool game.

  • einsteinstoe

    I’m an outlier, and a Star Wars addict. Battlefront 2015 is the essentially the only game I played the last two years.I paid full price for the season pass, and have logged about 900 hours. I got my monies worth. I still love it, even with the cheaters.
    Battlefront 2 will now be my focus….in t-minus 11 hours!! I pre ordered. Again, this will be basically THE game I will play. I will pay for crates that I can. I don’t need to buy every game out there like some of my friends. So spending $200 on one game I play for two plus years seems reasonable to me.
    Proof will be in the pudding on sales. I have owned and operated multiple successful small businesses. I find much of this blowback stinks of entitlement, and like the CD for EA, pretension. Don’t like it? DON’T BUY IT. Vote with your dollars. Maybe I’m wrong, and this will prove to be the beginning of the end.
    See you (or maybe not) in the EA Star Wars Universe. I still smile every time I play as Vader, or crush with an ATST!