The Identity Of Vigilante Revealed In Arrow Season 6



We take a look at details of Vigilante and his rather unexpected unmasking in Arrow Season 6.

DC clearly knows how to create suspense and confuse it’s audience when it comes to their TV shows. The Arrow and the Flash are clearly are two examples of TV series where the audience are glued till the very end not knowing what to expect.

The same can be said when the real identity of Vigilante was disclosed. TV shows often take different routes when it comes to comics. This leaves comic fans perplexed and confused as their predictions and theories prove false. This was done by DC when the audience felt that Adrian chase, the district attorney of Star City was Vigilante.

In the comics Chase assumes the role of Vigilante and when DC introduced Chase first in the show, the original fans weren’t slow in deducing that he indeed was Vigilante. However, DC cleverly manipulated the audience and it was here when they weren’t as loyal to the story line. Chase in the TV show though a villain was not Vigilante but Prometheus.

So who was the Vigilante? Vigilante’s true identity was revealed side by side when Arrow disclosed his true identity to Star City. He is Vincent Sobel the former partner of the current Black Canary Dinah Drake.

So Vincent Sobel who came under contact with the particle accelerator explosion at Star Labs is the Vigilante. Sobel initially worked undercover to bring down the crime lord Sean Sonus but they were terrible in hiding and eventually were caught.

Sonus executed  Sobel but thanks to the explosion he survived. Meanwhile Dinah also became a meta human in the same explosion and became the Black Canary , whilst unaware of Sobel’s fate.

A remarkable twist in the plot which has been appreciated by many fans of the Arrowverse. Arrow Season 6 in my opinion really handled Vigilante’s reveal cleverly and gave the audiences a shape of things to come.