Super Mario Odyseyy Review: A Near Perfect Score



So maybe you were expecting the traditional Mario game where the man , the myth , the legend Mario collects coins and jumps bad guys every other chance that he gets? Well you would be right to a certain extent; but Super Mario Odyssey is much more than your traditional Mario game. Don’t get me wrong it is everything that you would expect from a Mario game , but at the same time what makes it unique is the fact that both the protagonist and the environment have evolved and now offer a lot more.

What Odyssey does best is it takes the classic Mario gameplay and presents it as a complete new package. The focus this time is on somewhat open worlds and exploration, cue Zelda: BOTW. Open World Nintendo Switch games have been getting perfect scores , and it’s no coincidence that another somewhat open world game has been getting rave reviews from the press and gamers alike.

From the very beginning you get a feeling of a brand new experience as Mario is put in situation and environments that are unfamiliar even to the most seasoned of gamers. One such example is the New Donk City , seeing Mario in a suburban environment along with a entirely new character Cappy was an amazing experience. Cappy is more than a bystander and you can use him to smash crates and to eliminate enemies as well. In a way it is a completely new experience , yet at the same time you got a tinge of nostalgia of having been here before.

There are a number of positives to take from the game such as the fact that In Odyssey, you can explore as much as you like.Once you are playing a level you can collect Power Moon’s to your hearts content, which can be used to power Odyssey the titular hat shaped spaceship. You need enough of these to move on to the next world and get one step closer towards the games completion.

The game has a total of 10 full fledged world , and the attention to detail is absolutely stunning. The world’s are aesthetically breathtaking , and completely immerse the gamer with their allure.

Arguably the only  perceived flaw in the game is it again focuses on the clichéd old story of Princess Peach playing the role of a damsel in distress that has been kidnapped yet again for the umpteenth time!!

Super Mario Odyssey is another title which is a must have for every Nintendo Switch owner. I would rate it a solid 9.5 out of 10.