After The Battlefront II Fiasco Nearly 150,000 People Want Disney To Revoke EA’s Star Wars License

Star Wars


It’s official Star Wars Battlefront II is now in the realms of the most controversial game ever released. The fans , media , governments and even their own peers have criticized EA and how they have exploited their fans.

EA is currently in damage control mode and has had to endure a barrage of criticism from all fronts, and it does not look like it will be stopping anytime soon. To make matters worse EA’s share price has dropped by 8.5% which resulted in an approximate loss of US $ 3.1 Billion. Now those are some eye watering numbers and yet it seems that EA is planning to continue with the same Microtransaction  business model which has given it such a bad name.

Recently a petition came to the forefront after EA’s infamous sense of pride and achieve comment was seen as a slap on the faces of the fans. The comment went on to become the most downvoted in the history of reddit and in many ways can be seen as the catalyst for the trouble that EA currently find themselves in. A week later and the petition is still going strong. At the time of writing this it has in excess of 142,000 signatures and it shows no signs of slowing down even after a week.

The petition asks Lucasfilm’s to revoke EA’s rights to the Star Wars franchise. This is a minor mistake on the author’s part as Disney now owns Lucasfilm and hence owns the rights to the Star Wars franchise. Yet this should not distract us from the aim and message of the said petition.

EA has promised that they will be changing the microtransaction system of Battlefront II in the future yet it remains to be seen if the changes are any impact at all.

Here is the link to the petition in case you want to show your support. Link