Phil Spencer Comments On Titanfall 2 Rendering At Almost 6K On Xbox One X



Titanfall 2 is amongst a growing list of games that will be getting performance enhancements for the Xbox One X. However the word enhancement would be an understatement as one Respawn dev recently commented that Titanfall 2 was rendering at almost 3200p or 6K on the Xbox One X.

Here is the comment in question :

“When it comes to X1X it means there are times it’ll render at higher than 4K and then downsample to whatever resolution the X1X is outputting to. Its is truly glorious on a 4K display. This quote will come back to haunt me, I’m sure, but there were times on Wargames last time I was testing where it was rendering at ~3200p (6K?) internally. The internal render resolution is dictated by the GPU load, so obviously there are no guarantees as to how often it renders at particular resolutions, but essentially we’re using 100% GPU all the time.”

An impressive feat for a console that is touted as being a true 4K console, but in reality goes much beyond that. It seems Microsoft weren’t kidding around when they said that Xbox One X would be a beast of a console.

This certainly goes well along with the claims that Albert Penallo recently made in an interview that Devs like that extra power, as this gives them the freedom to play around and inspires them creatively, and is a sentiment  that Phil Spencer seems to share. Recently Phil was asked about Titanfall 2 rendering at nearly 6k to which he responded with this statement.

I can totally get behind this Laissez-Faire idea of letting the devs do as they please and accommodating them with a superior piece of hardware , as this is the only way that the industry can move forward .Devs being able to make use of the extra power and there being seemingly no limitations , the fans are the ones who stand to benefit the most with exceptional new games and breathtaking graphics being a regular feature.

It seems with the Xbox One X Microsoft already has a worthy competitor for any next-gen console , and it will be interesting to see if they do build an ecosystem around it in the near future.