Phil Spencer Comments On Titanfall 2 Rendering At Almost 6K On Xbox One X



Titanfall 2 is amongst a growing list of games that will be getting performance enhancements for the Xbox One X. However the word enhancement would be an understatement as one Respawn dev recently commented that Titanfall 2 was rendering at almost 3200p or 6K on the Xbox One X.

Here is the comment in question :

“When it comes to X1X it means there are times it’ll render at higher than 4K and then downsample to whatever resolution the X1X is outputting to. Its is truly glorious on a 4K display. This quote will come back to haunt me, I’m sure, but there were times on Wargames last time I was testing where it was rendering at ~3200p (6K?) internally. The internal render resolution is dictated by the GPU load, so obviously there are no guarantees as to how often it renders at particular resolutions, but essentially we’re using 100% GPU all the time.”

An impressive feat for a console that is touted as being a true 4K console, but in reality goes much beyond that. It seems Microsoft weren’t kidding around when they said that Xbox One X would be a beast of a console.

This certainly goes well along with the claims that Albert Penallo recently made in an interview that Devs like that extra power, as this gives them the freedom to play around and inspires them creatively, and is a sentiment  that Phil Spencer seems to share. Recently Phil was asked about Titanfall 2 rendering at nearly 6k to which he responded with this statement.

I can totally get behind this Laissez-Faire idea of letting the devs do as they please and accommodating them with a superior piece of hardware , as this is the only way that the industry can move forward .Devs being able to make use of the extra power and there being seemingly no limitations , the fans are the ones who stand to benefit the most with exceptional new games and breathtaking graphics being a regular feature.

It seems with the Xbox One X Microsoft already has a worthy competitor for any next-gen console , and it will be interesting to see if they do build an ecosystem around it in the near future.




  • 9+10=21

    6K? God that console is a monster

    • Sayonara

      It’s no a 6k and it won’t be a native 4k on XOX. This is a full response from Respawn dev :

      http://www.neogaf. com/forum/showthread.php?t=1396288&page=6#post241647141

      -it was running on a dev kit
      -X1X is going to use dynamic 4K
      -Dynamic 4K means that it will dip below 4K when under load
      -6K only happened when there was little going on on screen on a dev kit

      • TheNorthFace

        relax hater, the console was able to render at 6k at some point shows that it really is a powerful console with some of the best tools for devs, this console is truly a beast

        • Mr Xrat

          The fact that it’s checkerboard 4K 30fps for far more games more of the time shows that this really is an overpriced half-step upgrade and all your hype was for nothing.

          • Raptor Gilbert

            How Manny games and what type? Massive large open world games like the new assassin’s Creed? Then yeah it won’t render native at 4k 60frames but it will still render higher than the pro. Unless your talking about destiny where they are holding the Xbox X back because of the pro specs.

      • James Walters

        You should know that a developer kit is not any more powerful that the regular X1X console.

      • Mike

        Salty too much, this one is!

      • Hashirama Senju
      • Raptor Gilbert

        You clearly know what dynamic means but says it’s not true 4k.. then how does it get 4k if it’s not true. It does not upscaled if it’s dynamic..

      • 9+10=21

        It still hit it

  • kreator

    Good things are definitely coming..

  • Rob Tanner

    I have a 4k TV and a pspro as well as a xb1s. I need more than specs to push me to reinvest in the xbox brand. Games is the main factor. Hopefully m$ can use this device to convince devs to make exclusives for the platform. In regards to the xb1x I’ll wait and see if content can follow

    • 9+10=21

      Games/Value for Money=Switch
      Power/Graphics= Scorpio

      • Rob Tanner

        Games and value both fall into ps4 category. Switch is a novelty product that I may grab down the road. Was very under impressed with my wiiU.

        Xb1x may be the highest spec box but it lacks console selling titles and the UI is horrendous. Still the options we have today are very nice, their is something for everyone. I’m about the greatest games and experiences and both of those categories Sony dominants.

        • 9+10=21

          True, though the switch has all them nintendo games. Sony has the best price and the most third party

    • Raptor Gilbert

      Actually you throw money at devs for exclusives.

  • Hvd

    i expect titanfall 3 to be full 4k/60fps then.

  • andrewsqual

    Wait, so with this new, Xboners will actually BUY Titanfall 2 for their 3rd Xbone console purchase this gen? Then why did they buy the first game on the “next gen” Xbone that ran it at practically the same resolution as the Bluepoint Games’ 360 version???

    • Tga215

      If you own it already I think you get the update for free or wait it out thru ea access

      • andrewsqual

        It was a joke to its lack of sales. I always bring it up since back in 2014 I said I wasn’t interested in Titanfall due to its online modes only nature but was told it was because it wasn’t available on PS4 and THAT is why I “hated” on it.
        Then the 2nd game came out and NOBODY bought it which proved my point that others originally bought the first game because there was literally nothing else to play at the time.

    • Joseph Good

      Where did you get the idea you would have to buy the game again? It doesn’t say that anywhere and that’s ridiculous.

      • andrewsqual

        I was making a joke to the fact it sold disappointing numbers at its original launch last year.

  • grimrook

    god he is so full of shit it does not and will not run in 6k

  • timbo

    It’s like there’s a conspiracy among developers to push the X1X, even lying about it

  • David Atkinson

    Oh the Sony Ponies!

  • Barry Harden

    You can dynamic 6k? Course the XBoners will claim Native but that’s what those fuckboys always do!

  • Mr Xrat

    Shame about the rest of the checkerboard 4K 30fps. But hey, they got 6K for two seconds looking at a brick wall for two seconds on a game they boycotted because the developers hurt their feelings. Thanks Phil.