EA’s Battlefield 2018 And Anthem Will Take Center Stage At E3 This Year



The summer is fast approaching and with it comes a plethora of AAA titles , a dream of every gamer.Like always E3 events have always grappled the interests of gaming audiences everywhere. This year is expected to be no different. As our game developers will be vying for the attention of their target markets as the summer approaches yet again.

Electronic Arts or EA in this year’s E3 is expected to continue with its EA Play Event. The event gives players and attendees the opportunity to play upcoming titles before the rest of the world. EA’s latest Play Event will feature the latest sequel to Battlefield which for now is being touted as Battlefield 2018 and Bioware’s Anthem.

Players will have the option to avail an off site or onsite component. Those who are present at the premises will be able to access gameplay at the event only. Moreover, those who will not be able to attend would have to search for live streams and watch the event from their smart phones and TVs etc. The E3 event is expected to take place in Los Angeles from 12th June to 14th June.

Battlefield is a  game that has managed to develop quite a fan following. Players are set in real live modern battle field where they have to outsmart the opponents by devising cunning and intellectual strategies. Details on the upcoming  Battlefield 2018 are still scarce but like always the game is expected to live up to its reputation.

The only thing which could possibly ruin it is EA’s recent run with microtransactions, as seen in Star Wars Battlefront II. However EA ought to have learned from it’s mistake and would not ruin two potential blockbuster games by adding unpleasant microtransactions which deter user experience.

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