The Latest On Final Fantasy XV DLC’s



Final Fantasy XV had a ton of amazing DLC content , and now it appears we might be getting at the very least 3 more Final Fantasy XV DLC’s.

There is finally news on  additional content details on Final Fantasy XV from the director himself.  Hajime Tabata the director of the game said that they would want to spend some additional time on the special content for the game. This would mean that the final story for the DLC will be unveiled early next year.

Last year Tabata had mentioned that three new DLC episodes will be released in 2018. However, in the most recent development we got to know that fans will be in store for not three but four more episodes. As reported by IGN, Tabata regarding the issue mentioned that “After thinking with the team about with what kind of content we want to finish this game with, we decided to make it 4 new episodes”

The first of these four episodes will be about the renowned Ardyn, who was the main antagonist in the base game. What’s interesting is that the game has carefully analyzed the interests of the fans and then crafted the composition of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV  DLC’s in that way. A poll last year revealed Ardyn to be the most favored episode. Other episodes that Hajime further hinted on were Lunafreya and Luna.

Two editions of the game are expected to launch. One edition will be called the Royal edition and will be released on the Xbox one and the PS4. On the contrary the Windows edition will be released on the PC and also feature some innovative options such as the mod creation tools which will allow players to change the appearances of their characters.

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