Developers Like Power, Mid-Size and Indie Companies Will Utilize Xbox One X’s Power, Says Microsofts Albert Penello



Gamasutra  recently conducted a Q & A with Microsoft’s senior director of product management and planning for Xbox, Albert Penello, and among other questions asked him whether mid-sized and small indie developers would utilize the Xbox One X’s power and make 4K games.

According to Alber Penello, developers like power because more power inspires creativity. When you give a developer more power to work with, it’ll give him room to be more creative and he’ll find ways to utilize it . Presenting the developers of Ori as an example, he said developers like them could use the HDR, frame rates lighting effects to fulfill their artistic vision.

The Xbox One X is a platform that is like ‘a canvas’, said Albert. Even if resolution is not what the developers are focusing on, they’re still going to find ways to use the Xbox One X’s power to drive their artistry. 

He further went on to debunk the mindset that the Xbox One X is a different generation console, and instead likened the gap between the Xbox One and the Xbox One X to the gap between different PC’s and phones.

“The fact is, if you step out: phones, PCs, all kinds of technology these days just evolve and customers are used to having multiple performance levels at different price points.

I mean the PC is the most scalable platform in the world. So to go from one spec to two specs in this day and age for a developer, is a lot easier for them to comprehend than, I think, people who follow the console business”

Developers are already making games in a way that they can be scaled from Intel Integrated graphic chips to GTX 1080 graphic cards. So in the same way, it’s easy to see how the games will be scaled on the Xbox One and Xbox One X. And Xbox has made this process easier from a developers perspective.

So Albert reckons the increased power is what will be beneficial for dev’s , and will make their job much easier , and in the process allow for a better end product. Let us know your opinions by commenting in the comments section below.