The 4K Debate: Xbox One X VS PS4 Pro Who Will Come Out On Top?



The Xbox One X Vs The PS4 Pro debate has taken a whole new meaning as the release date for Microsoft’s mid-gen 4k console update the One X draws near.The two behemoths are going to compete with each other for console supremacy and number of units sold come this holiday season.

There is no denying the fact that the Xbox One X is a beast of a console, yet the most common criticism for the Xbox One consoles has been it’s lack of exclusives , something which has seen the Xbox One flounder in comparison to the PS4. PS4 has gone on to prove that despite arguably having weaker hardware a stellar lineup of software can actually cement a consoles position at the top of the mountain. We have similarly seen the Nintendo Switch adopt a similar formula with rousing success in it’s launch year.

Yet Microsoft has left no stone unturned when it comes to promoting Xbox One X. This is partly due to the belief in the staying power of the 4K technology. Meaning that Microsoft executives firmly believe that the technology is here to stay for years and years to come.

Years and years of experience has taught Microsoft to not jump on the hype train for ever other new technology. Recenlty Albert Penello even stated the same while giving the example of 3D technology for which Microsoft did not make any enhancements , this was due to the fact that they did not believe in the technology and its staying power.

However when it comes to 4K Microsoft clearly believes in what the technology has to offer. 4K UHD Specs with support for even more recent home entertainment display standards are both supported by the console..

One factor which usually comes up in an Xbox One X VS PS4 Pro debate is the hardware and how the PS4 Pro is more on par with the Xbox One S rather than the One X. The PS4 Pro was released back in late 2016 and it’s upscaling 4K  specs were not quite on par with a full 4K UHD gaming device. Although Sony promoted the console as being capable of Native 4K subsequent tests proved otherwise.

The One X without doubt is going to be pricey at $500 , but as Phil Spencer and countless other Xbox execs have gone on to say that it’s a “premium console”, the potential target market will be one which already owns a 4K TV or monitor. Upcoming 3rd party games such as Assasin’s Creed Origins are going to have the very best of 4K ultra HD performance mixed with HDR color/contrast details on the One X. Hence Microsoft are right to position the One X as a premium console.

When it comes to Xbox One X Vs PS4 Pro the specs are a massive game changer for the Xbox One X. Here is a detailed table for the difference between the two.

Xbox One X Vs PS4 Pro Comparison

Hardware PS4 Pro Xbox One X
GPU Integrated AMD 4.2 teraflops Polaris graphics Integrated AMD 6 Teraflops of graphics
RAM 8 GB DDR 5 12 GB DDR 5
Size 12.8×11.6×2.1 inches 11.8×9.4×2.4 inches
CPU 8 Core AMD custom “Jaguar” at 2.1 GHz Eight custom cores at 2.3 GHz
Price $399 $499

Xbox One X Vs PS4 Pro Comparison

So it’s increasingly apparent that the Xbox One X for the time being will be the closest to a 4K gaming machine. For those who are looking for a superior performance then the Xbox One X is a far superior console in terms of frame rates, detail and resolution.

However I am still not sold on the idea that the One X is going to outsell the PS4 Pro at any point in time. Sure it will have an above average performance, but I believe it will be unable to keep the momentum going in the long run. This is due to two important reasons.

  1. Price : Microsoft has positioned the One X as a premium console and it has priced it at $499 a whole $100 more than it’s  closest competitor. Now try seeing this from a laymen’s perspective, any console which has almost the same number of games , and is slightly less powerful than it’s competitor and is priced a $100 less (without price cuts) is bound to be an attractive proposition for your average Joe. That’s one part of the decision making spectrum. The other part is the exclusives.
  2. Most people either don’t have a 4K TV. Even if you are designing the product to be future proof , you are bound to be beaten by amazing software. That I fear is the exact same problem with the One X and in general the Xbox One. When an average Joe will compare and contrast the software available , and the number of games he or she can play they are bound to select the PS4. God Of War, Days Gone and the Last Of US Part II are some of the exclusives that are headed our way in 2018. Which again leads me to believe that the PS4 will have a better value proposition for your Average Gamer.


So while the Xbox One X Vs PS4 Pro debate the former might be one of the most powerful consoles in existence but it’s positioning and lack of exclusives may not be such a good move on the part of Microsoft.

Even though research indicates that it will be close between the two come this holiday season I still feel the PS4 has a slight edge over its counterpart.



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  • Playstation Novus

    Hahahahaha what trashy article that Pro is pure weak garbage stop comparing to Xbox-X which is already killing it in support and in games and Power …Pro is irrelevant trash that’s already dead

  • 7770777

    The Ps4 Pro doesn’t even belong in a serious 4K discussion. There are literally zero reasons to choose the Pro over the Xbox One X if 4K entertainment is someones goal. The Pro very, very, very rarely outputs native 4K resolution(3840×2160) in games, and the Pro isn’t equipped with a 4K UHD Bluray player. It is not the hardware someone is looking for to go with their shiny new 4K HDR tv.

  • wobblypops46

    Here we are with the lack of exclusives argument again. A handful of mediocre exclusives (that are mostly JRPG’s) with a couple of exceptions is nothing worth boasting about. Third party games kick the snot out of console exclusives anyway.

  • arm711

    The reason we buy consoles is to play games. I don’t care if the One X can do 8k if it doesn’t have the games and sadly it doesn’t. That’s reality and at the end of the day when you pay 500 for it to play 3rd party games that won’t take advantage of the extra horsepower. Meanwhile gamers will pay 350 to 400 and be playing God Of War, Spiderman, The Last of Us, Days Gone, Death Stranding, Detroit: Become Human, Horizon Zero Dawn, and the list goes on. That being said I will buy one because I am a tech junkie so I hope MS start focusing on releasing great games and content and snagging up a studio or two like Insomniac, Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch or Sony Santa Monica.

    • 7770777

      A handful of sony exclusives isn’t worth giving up superior graphics performance for the other 99% of the games on the market(i.e. multiplats). The Xbox One X is already destroying the Ps4 Pro in graphics comparisons, and it hasn’t even launched yet. Also, lets also not pretend the Xbox doesn’t have its own stable of great exclusives.

      • Rhythmattic

        So, im guessing you’d say the same about the PS4 and pro for the last 4 years….
        Nope, I thought not…

      • Rhythmattic

        So, im guessing you’d say the same about the PS4 for the last 4 years….

        Nope, I thought not…

        • 7770777

          Of course that is why sony has done so well the last 4yrs, you jumped the gun a bit with your closing sentence. What we are seeing with the “exclusives” and “no games” schtick is sony fanboys trying to make a molehill into mountain because they can no longer brag about the power of the Ps4. The fact of the matter is that the Xbox has a ton of games, as well as its own exclusives. I own over 250 Xbox games myself

          • Rhythmattic

            Ok.. Your comment proves me right… In my case…
            I did not buy a PS4 for its power.
            I bought it for its exclusives… It just so happened it was more powerful than a One for LESS money… One cost 25% more…
            Sony have had, and do, have a track record of excellent, (maybe some not?) 1st party exclusives, also not dropping a gen because its losing in sales, … supporting deep well with into the console cycle…
            And back to the point YOU made
            “A handful of sony exclusives isn’t worth giving up superior graphics performance for the other 99% of the games on the market”
            So a handful.. No let me correct you, a smorgasboard of REAL exclusives, backed up by the best console versions didn’t matter the last four years…
            Just realise, the only thing you’ve got is Pixels…
            But i digress.. I love pixels too… X or 1070Ti? Hahahahaha

          • 7770777

            Wait, wait, wait, hold up there. Microsoft hasn’t abandoned the Xbox One by releasing the Xbox One X. I suggest you stop listening to whatever source gave you that false information.

            No let me correct you. If one were to take every exclusive, for every platform, and add them together, the total number of exclusive would be less than 1% of the available games on the market. Your comment above is easily proven false.

            Lastly, go ahead and cry. You couldn’t have put on display, for the world to see, your butthurt emotions any better.

            In the wise words of Jack Handy- “It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man.” lol

          • Rhythmattic

            “Microsoft hasn’t abandoned the Xbox One by releasing the Xbox One X.”
            I never said that… they abandon exclusives for their consoles a few years in…
            Talk about reading not what I wrote.
            Fking children you Fanbois….
            Talk to the hand.