Xbox One And PS4 Will Be Too Close To Call This Holiday Season Suggests Analyst



A lot has been made about the Xbox One X and what’s in store for the future of the world’s most powerful console. Will it be a hit ? or a miss? It is a question that has been discussed by gaming aficionados and analysts worldwide.

According to IDC’s Lewis Ward though Microsoft’s gamble just might pay off. IDC’s early research suggests that 7 Million consoles are expected to be sold in North America in the next 6 months. With research indicating that when it comes to mid- generation upgrades 21.6% of purchases will be a Xbox One X , in contrast to 22.2 Percent with their eyes on a PS4 Pro.

Whilst the combined Xbox One lineup earned 36.6 percent of the share as opposed to the PlayStation 4 family with 35.6 percent of the composition. Thus the Xbox One family will be coming out on top in the holiday season of 2017 by the narrowest of margins.

Here is a chart which depicts the composition.













Lewis Ward further elaborated on the research

“The takeaway [from our research] is that Microsoft’s gamble is going to pay off. [The Xbox One X] does appear to stabilize the slide that Microsoft has been on, which I think is a positive step. It looks like, in North America, that the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X will be neck-and-neck in sales for at least the next six months or so and if that happens, you have to say that’s a win for Microsoft.”

If after the holiday season this research is indeed on mark with it’s result it is going to be a huge shock to many within the gaming community as many would have bet their house on PS4 taking the crown yet again. However it’s seems Microsoft’s gamble to back their souped up true 4K console , while continuing with the Xbox One S , and Xbox One is going to pay huge dividends.

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Source: Financial Post