Rumors Suggest Bradley Cooper Is In Talks To Play WWE Head Huncho Vince McMahon



Bradley Cooper is currently said to be in talks to play Vince McMahon in his biopic.  The movie will be titled Pandemonium and would offer fans an insight into the life of McMahon. The offer according to PW Insider was made to Cooper several weeks ago, however there hasn’t been any update on the issue since then. The movie will be produced by Tristar and WWE studios.

If Cooper agrees on doing the film, it will be huge news for the fans and the WWE. Cooper over the years has matured as an actor and has done an array of films from Comedy, action and to fantasies. American Sniper, Guardians of the Galaxy and the Hangover are all examples of the diversity that Cooper can offer.

Craig. A. Williams is expected to write the script for the film, while the directing duties will be left with Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. Williams in the past has also written the script for Disney’s underdog, while some of Ficarra and Requa’s most interesting work includes Tango, Faxtrot and Whiskey.

The WWE universe has been a source of entertainment for almost everyone. Its unique way of bringing entertainment to the wrestling industry has been a game changer. If the biopic is made and Cooper becomes a part of it, the message delivery would be greatly improved. Many of the childhood fans who are grown ups today would also want to get more insights as to how McMahon created such a massive empire.

With the success of Rock in the film industry, WWE has also realized that the movie industry is the way forward. It has engaged in product development through its films and signing Cooper would be a great marketing prospect for the company’s studio as well.

Do you think Bradley Cooper will be a good fit  playing the role of Vince McMahon? Or he has no chance in hell!!? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.