A New Fallout Game Might Be Coming; Rumor That It’s New Vegas 2 Or Van Buren



There have been talks on the internet that a new Fallout game might be in the works and possibly slated for release some time in the future! The rumors have been circling around a possibility of a New Vegas 2 as the latest addition in the series. There is also a chance that we might be getting something new like Fallout: Van Buren that was cancelled a long time ago.

This rumor about a new Fallout game comes from one of the biggest names in video game development, Chris Avellone. Chris being the executive of Obsidian Entertainment, the studio that has provided us with time-less gems such as Fallout: New Vegas, Baldur’s Gate and Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith lords, recently hinted something on Facebook that might be a tease at something Fallout related coming out very soon.

This is an attempt to give fans hope that a Fallout game is possible from Obsidian some time in the future. The last time Obsidian went to the Fallout universe, it gave us New Vegas that is reverred as one of the best RPGs of it’s time (and considered by many to even be better than Fallout 4). Obsidian on another Fallout project is definitely interesting news!

Avellone changed his facebook display picture to a stick figure hugging Vault Boy, the series mascot, which means that the studio is definitely doing something related to the Fallout series and we’re probably going to hear about it soon. We can’t expect anything else than a new game because the final piece of content (Nuka World) for Fallout 4 is now a few months old.

Some people are expecting this to be a possible remake of the cancelled Fallout: Van Buren that was supposed to be Black Isle’s Fallout 3. We’ll have to wait for a official announcement for anything to be confirmed. Stay tuned for more!