Cuphead First Look: Delivers On All Of It’s Promises



Cuphead has been getting a lot of hype ever since it was first shown off for it’s unique art style that mimics 30s cartoons combined with an extreme focus on it being a run-and-gun platformer. Cuphead excels at what it does! It brings back the shoot-em-up action that made Contra and Metal Slug so enjoyable, with it’s own unique flavor of 1930s Cartoon graphics. The art style is sure to remind you of Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie if you watched it before.

The game revolves around Cuphead (and his good old buddy Mugman) dealing with a situation that involves a lot of enemies being thrown their way while they fight the Devil himself! Cuphead’s adventure begins when he loses a bet to the Devil and must fight his way through hordes of different creatures to make sure that his soul isn’t lost. The journey is quite the ride if you ask us!


The bosses in the game are not to be taken lightly! Each new boss gives you a challenge that is tougher than the last and you’ll have to memorize boss patterns if you want to beat them. To add to that, a countdown timer is also put in to the equation in boss battles so you’ll have to watch out for the timer too! There is, fortunately, a coop mode in which the second player controls Mugman (the first controlling Cuphead) and there are two types of bullets too (one for hard but slow attacks while the other is for fast projectiles).

If you were waiting for Cuphead to bring you the nostalgic feeling of old cartoons coupled with the retro shooter feel that reminds you of Contra or Metal Slug, it does exactly that! It takes advantage of the Xbox One and PC platforms and brings a unique twist to an already amazing genre. If you liked this brief-review of the game, be sure to check it out and let us know if you liked it in the comments section below. Be sure to stay tuned for more!