First Hint At Crisis On Earth X Found In Arrow Season 6 Episode 2

Arrow Season 6 Episode 2


The Wolfhall takes a look at the first hint at Crisis on Earth X in Arrow Season 6 Episode 2

Crossovers is the latest trend that shows have followed to keep the audience engaged and captivated. Seeing super heroes go to universes of other super heroes is quite the sight. Fans get to watch their favorite super heroes join forces to fight evil. Moreover, it also gives the impression that the universes are connected.

While DC was the first to introduce a Flash-Arrow crossover, Marvel decided to take it the extra mile. Marvel amalgamated Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist by giving them their very own show in the Defenders. DC, trying to stay in the game is following a similar route. A cross over between the Flash, Green Arrow, Super Girl and the Legends of Tomorrow is in the works and the DC is already giving subtle signals of it through its shows.

In the latest episode of the Arrow, conversation between Felicity and Curtis Holt revealed a hint on the cross over. When the team decides to talk about their non Arrow work, Holt indicates that he’s been doing some freelance coding work. Interested, Felicity asks about the type of coding language he uses emphasizing on whether “The Python” was one of them. Holt however seems surprised and questions whether the Python is the super villain?

Now, Python is someone who hasn’t ever appeared in Arrow’s universe ever. To talk about him it could mean that Holt is clearly referring to someone in another universe. There are rumors that this could be a reference to Jacob Bernstein who is teased to be a villain in the Legends of Tomorrow. Another reference could be to the upcoming Crisis on Earth X arc where Black Python is expected to side with the evil doppelgangers of our heroes.

The reference in Arrow Season 6 episode 2 is an interesting Easter Egg and it will be interesting to see how the vents in the crossover unfold. Let us know your opinions by commenting in the comments section below.