Game Updates For Xbox One X Are Massive And May Deter Many From Buying The Console



The Xbox One X is undoubtedly going to be one of the hottest selling items come this holidays.

However there is one potential problem, or call it a oversight which may deter a potential buyer from buying a Xbox One X. Which is the size of the games, with many of the games such as Quantum Break having a file size of 100GB . That’s not the only game though which has a file size above 100GB. One of the most popular Xbox One exclusive Gears Of War 4 also has a file size which reaches 100 GB.

Xbox One X Games File Size

There are a number of other games as well which have a “burgeoning” file size and hence I don’t think its entirely feasible to have so many games which touch the 100 GB mark. Considering the size of the Xbox One X HDD is 1TB which means that 4K updates will take up most of the space . Hence the logical assumption that we can make is the fact that most gamers who are playing in 4K will have to attach an external hard drive to their console.

Xbox One X Update Downloads Wait Time

However perhaps the biggest problems will be faced by those who have a painfully slow to an average internet connection. Downloading large updates on day one will take a lot of time and will undoubtedly test the patience of a number of individuals.

Compared to the Xbox One, Xbox One X games will take up an estimated 30% more space on your console , and it is something that the developers should definitely look at for the future.

As it stands Xbox One X may have the best visual outputs but it is going to need a hell of a lot of space for all it’s enhanced games.

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  • zero

    Yeah, that extra space needed for 4k assets. That’s the price of 4k gaming right there.

  • Kaiju of the Grotto

    An estimated 30%? Maybe an average, but downloads for me have been all over the place. Gears4 went up roughly 14GB (but was a 26GB download?), Rise of the Tomb raider more than doubled in size (from 21 to 50GB!!!) and I don’t recall TitanFall 2’s size, but it wans’t horrible.

  • spideynut71

    It’s a part of modern gaming, not exclusive to the “X”. By your “logic”, the Switch would have been DOA, at least in 3rd party support.

    • Mr. New Vegas

      Very Few PC games take 100GB, most are below 60Gb and thats with DLC

      Dark Souls 3 with ALL DLC: 25Gb
      Deus Ex Mankind Divided with ALL DLC: 60gb
      Quantum Break – 69GB
      Wolfenstein II The New Colossus – 44GB
      The Surge – 12Gb
      ELEX – 32GB
      The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY with ALL DLC – 36GB
      Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice – 21GB
      Fallout 4 with ALL DLC and Ultra Texture pack and some mods: 98GB

      Ultra texture pack is official Bethesda free dlc its 58GB, so Fallout 4 with DLC and some mods is 40GB, also if you look at side by sides, tehre are many online, there is almost no difference between the in game 2K textures and the 4K textures

  • Philippe

    If you’re willing to pay a premium price to get the best looking game around I think you can also pay for a good internet connection… I don’t think there’s a lot of people equipped with a 4K tv that cannot afford a good internet download speed. try streaming a 4K movie with a 10 mbits connection for fun.

    • Mr. New Vegas

      Thats BS, here is the Broadband situation in USA, direct quote:

      Only 73% of U.S. households had broadband service in 2016 and 88% of Americans used the Internet, according to Pew Research. Among all users in the U.S., just one in five had connection speed of at least 25 Mbps.

      Here is another quote from statista:
      The statistic shows the average internet connection speed in the United States from 2007 to 2017. In the first quarter of 2017, the average internet connection
      speed was 18.75 Mbps.

      Now lets talk about computer hobbyists and companies, people that use SpeedTest to check their speed:
      Speedtest data shows the U.S.’s average download speed over fixed broadband speeds during Q1-Q2 2017 was 64.17 Mbps.

      Even people with 100Mb and 200Mb cable will take time to download 100Gb games, you never get top speed and you usually waste time on otehr things, watch videos and so on.

  • Playstation Novus

    hahahahahahaha you are dumb fuck author and look at PC downloads moron it’s called 4K textures something that garbage pro will never have article is dumbest shit I’ve read all d

  • Edonus

    The Bias gaming media is out in full effect today.
    This article is stupid…..
    1) More content means bigger file sizes,
    2) Better textures to make having a more powerful system worth while need bigger files.
    3) PCs have been dealing with large files sizes like this and they aren’t suffering.

    This is making an issue out of a non issue. Its like saying driving a Ferrari fast uses more gas faster………. NO $h!t….. that’s why you buy a Ferrari.

    This is apparently the talking point and attack line the Bias gaming media has decided to run with. Their are like 5+ articles attacking the Xbox One X on N4g right now. And people try to say there isn’t some form of coordination to these gaming media terrorist cells.

    • Mr. New Vegas

      Double up the tin foil.

  • Novacell

    People need to move with the times. i think people will understand that 4K assets will be higher than 1080p assets and would need a good internet connection. That’s not the games fault nor the XBX nor Microsoft’s fault but a natural progression as consoles evolve. It will be up to the consumer if they upgrade their internet and as we are only talking updates newer games will have those 4K assets on disk so no need for big updates. It’s like saying when PS5 comes out people will be put off because of large updates which is nonsense.

    • Mr. New Vegas

      Thats BS, PC had Ultra/4K textures for the last 5 years if not more, games are not that large.

  • Antonio C. R. Murray

    Everyone here trying to defend this bullshit is about, again, the “Tier” talk back in 2013 that got them here in the first place. Microsoft could have used this opportunity to release its physical games on UHD discs and have a specific “Xbox One X” case.


    Like someone said below: this is making an issue out of a non issue.