Black Friday Dicounts Ad Leaked Xbox One and PS4 Consoles Heavily Discounted



With Halloween all set to be done and dusted the attention is slowly going to turn to Black Friday and the amazing deals that it has to offer, you can almost bet that the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch will be heavily discounted.

With Black Friday just about a month away you can mark your calendars to the day you’re going to set out to camp outside Kohl’s because a recent ad leaked via showed its discount deals for Black Friday.

Boy do I have good news for you if you were planning on getting a current-gen console because  November 24th to be precise you will get to do just that. The recent leak shows that you get 15$ store credits on every 50$ you spend that’s about 60$ cashback on a PS4 Slim and 45$ on an Xbox One S (Wowza). That’s a sweet deal if you ask me

If you have been gaming on a budget , then this is a perfect opportunity for you to get yourself a next gen console.Saving an extra buck is always a good and you may wanna head down to the store to get a console.

I personally am waiting out for Nintendo Switch, and I have been waiting for a while now to get one after hearing so many amazing reviews about the hybrid console from my peers.

Oh in case you are wondering what else is on sale ? There are a number of goodies to be found , and you can refer to the image below to find out more about them.

This year’s Black Friday see quite promising with major titles out and with Xbox One X launching on November 7th it’ll be a heated battle between consoles.

With many predicting that it will be a close race between the two it remains to be seen which of the two comes out on top.