PS5 Will Be Released In Second Half Of 2018, And Will Be >10 Teraflops Says Analyst


Macquarie Research Analyst Damian Thong expects that Sony will release a PS5 in the second half of 2018 , to capitalize on its expanding software sales. Recently the PS4 has seen the release of 3 critically acclaimed titles Nioh, Nier Automata ( Japan Release Only) and Horizon Zero Dawn.

According to Thong he see’s Sony’s profits increase by 13% in 2018 and reach an all time high of JPY 565.6 billion for the fiscal year ending March 2019. He has identified three catalysts which will contribute to these profits and these are :

  1. Image Sensors
  2. Gaming And Network Services
  3. Fewer Write Downs

Sony recently wrote down $1 billion on its pictures division in January.

According to Thong it will be the Gaming and Network Services which will contribute significantly to the profits of Sony come 2018, and that PlayStation 5 will be making an appearance in the second half of 2018. Here is what he had to say:

“We see sustained profit growth in Game & Network Services. We forecast OP growth from ¥140bn in FY3/17 to ¥180bn in FY3/18, driven by expanding software sales and profits. A rising digital ratio and a higher mix of first-party titles will help margins – Horizon Zero Dawn, which launched on 28 Feb, looks to have had a good start with a Metacritic score of 88. While we have tempered expectations to account for rivalry with Microsoft/Xbox and PC gaming, we note that the success of PS VR (which has reached 915K units sold) highlights the health of the ecosystem. We expect Sony to launch a >10 TFLOPS ‘PS5’ in 2H18 to secure the installed base.”

Whats interesting about this time frame is the fact that we are potentially  waiting for the release of games like God of War 4 , Days Gone , and The Last Of Us 2. Hence releasing the PS5  during this period does seem like a good move to make . A new console coupled with some great exclusives and the continued improvements in PSVR could ensure that Sony remains at the top of the food chain for a number of years to come.

  • shinningserpent

    this is so stupid an untrue.

  • stalepie

    it’s that thong, thong, thong, thong, thong!

  • Libtards Piss-Off

    he said reveal not release, release will be 2019

  • Barry Harden

    Sure some “details” about the PS5 will be revealed by Sony but the actual release is in later half of 2019. Yes there will be a PS5 Pro coming three years after that in 2021.

    • draco

      they should release simultaneously givin devs time to add better resolution on all games instead of half of em

  • Mohammed Allha

    Is this for real??? I really doubt that we will see the ps5 anytime soon the ps4 is still got plenty of life in it
    The last of us part II
    Final fantasy 7 remake
    Kingdom hearts 3
    Spider man
    God of wars
    Days gone
    Crash remaster
    Etc etc etc so I don’t see the ps5 coming anytime soon

  • suli559

    If anyone of you think the ps5 will come out next year then i got news for you XD. 2019/2020 release, there are too many exclusives yet to be released

  • Truthhurts24

    False article if Sony tries this they will really upset their fanbase

    • Artista Batista

      LOL. You do realize you just countered yourself by saying “IF SONY TRIES”.
      A year later if Sony does, Imma come back and rub this shit in your face, boy!!

      • Truthhurts24

        Looks like Im dealing with a clueless pony. If they release a PS5 that early it will hurt early adopters who just purchased Pro and since the latest technology will not be out until 2019 the Navi Chips that will be a dumb move on Sonys part to release a console that will not outdo Scorpio.

        • Artista Batista

          Ever heard of sarcasm, or are you too young for that, boy??

          • Truthhurts24

            Lol cut the bs you was serious about that 2018 release

          • Artista Batista

            Truth hurts, boy. Truth hurts.

          • Truthhurts24

            Lol sure idiot

  • Ezequiel56

    Mas Já!

    • Matheus Freitas

      Né? 10 teraflops. Se o scorpio vai ser um produto premium e vai custar caro, então imagina o PS5. Gente…

  • Hvd

    suckers for buying mid gen consoles…… an xbox guy and i wont be buying a scorpio at all.i dont support mid gen consoles at all and never will.

    • Danny MacGurk

      You ain’t no xbox guy if u ain’t buying Scorpio. Sorry. But u aint

      • Hvd

        im probably going to get a pc xbox isnt going where i want it to go they are trying to be to pc so i mite as well pay alottle more for a pc.

  • Not gonna happen. And NieR Japanese only? Funny I bought it in the States.

    • Professor Murder

      That’s because it came out today in the West. Until this morning, it was only a Japanese release in late February. Sales order tallies have not been conducted on sales in the States yet.

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  • Anonymous

    pc architecture. get ready for yearly refreshes soon. RIP CONSOLES.

    • Danny MacGurk


      • Anonymous


  • Danny MacGurk

    Lol some negro Damian nobody has ever heard of and some dogshit website announces bullshit news. Ok asshole I hope u get shot on your way home from work u scumbag

    • Eddie Battikha

      Damian Thong predicted PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim launch, he has some credibility, I originally thought Fall 2019 for PS5, but I’ll take Fall 2018.

  • draco

    too early, i was hopin 2020 at the most. pro just got released

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