Persona 5 Devs ATLUS Trademarks Nine New Names For Its Corporate Ventures.



Atlus which is perhaps most famous for it’s Persona series and it’s most recent installment Persona 5 has recently trademarked a couple of games which seems to suggest some form of expansion

The New names are as follows:

  1. Atlus Development Studio
  2. Atlus Entertainment
  3. Atlus Entertainment Development
  4. Atlus Game Factory
  5. Atlus Game Studio
  6. Atlus Game Works
  7. Atlus Interactive
  8. Atlus Software
  9. Atlus Softworks

Now this is quite intriguing as the new trademarks are named to somewhat show its association with gaming but the matter still remains unclear, but there that we know for certain is that all these trademarks fall into under Class 9, 28 and 41, which shows their purpose quite clearly.

The Definitions for the Classes are as follows:

  • Class 9: Video game software for dedicated video game consoles.
  • Class 28: Arcade video game machines and video game consoles.
  • Class 41: Electronic publishing for entertainment locations.

Now that these names are trademarked no corporation in the area that ATLUS operates in can no longer use those particular names.

While it is not necessary that they use all of the names that they have filed for since as far as we’ve seen the company trademarked three corporate names last year when they launched the European publishing team and a North American Online store.

The three names that were trademarked last year were

  • Atlus Games
  • Atlus Studio
  • Studio Atlus

Who also fall under the aforementioned classes meaning they might be related too.

All in all the case is still developing and progressing and it will be some time before we know the nature and extent to which they might be related perhaps to a future franchise or a sequel to Persona 5, or a development studio. In any case the jury is still out and it will take some time before we finally get to know more .

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