The Last Of Us 2 : Joel And Ellie Discover Each Others Dark Past , 2018 Release Date Highly Likely


The Last Of Us 2 has seen many different fan theories emerge . The two most recent ones which showed promise were the Theseus theory which suggests amongst other things that Ellie falls in love with a new character that will be introduced in the sequel , and the other one being the Psalm theory, which points to the fact that the song “Through The Valley” quotes verses from Psalm 23 King James’s Version, and suggests a release date of 23rd April 2019.

However IMDB lists the release year of The Last Of Us 2 as 2018, along with a short synopsis which is as follows.

“Five years later, Joel and Ellie discover something dark about each other’s past, which changes the way they look at their future.”

Here is a screenshot for better referencing

Now the short synopsis refers to the fact that five years later Joel and Ellie discover dark secrets about each other, which seems to suggest that Joel is alive and kicking . It also seems to tie in with the fact that Ellie was 14 years old during the events of the first game which was released in 2013, and will be 19 years old when the game releases in 2018. By now this is public information but the age difference is correct and seems to suggest that the game will indeed be released in 2018.

By now we all know that Neil Druckmann has stated that the sequel will be about hate, but the second half of the short synopsis is what catches one’s eyes. At the conclusion of the first game Joel saves Ellie from the Fireflies and it is entirely possible that this is what sets in motion the events of the second game after Ellie finds out Joel killed the Fireflies. However there seems to be a bit more to the statement as it refers to skeletons in both Joel and Ellie’s closets. Hence it is entirely possible that Ellie might have known all along as to how she is immune to the infected or knows someone other than her who also shares the same traits.

At this point though all we have are rumors , however I have a strong feeling that the release date will be 23rd April 2018, but of course I could be wrong about it. Let us know your theories and whether you think the game will be coming out on the mentioned date by commenting in the comments section below.