The God of War Upgrade System Will Take Cues From Norse Mythology



The new God of War won’t be having the same upgrade system for the weapons as the last games this time around. Santa Monica have boasted that there will be a brand new upgrade system for weapons in the game which will involve Brokk and Eitri, who will help with the weapons and skills upgrades for Kratos.

Brokk and Eitri are a part of Norse Mythology, although not too important but they still play a minor role in it. Both of these dwarves are responsible for making one of the most epic weapons in the universe, Mjolnir, the amazing hammer of Thor. They’re also responsible for two other notable artifacts in Norse Mythology but it isnt confirmed yet whether they will be in the game or not.

One of the two has already been shown off in one of the E3 trailers for the game (although we don’t know which one!) and we’re sure to a lot more of them in game considering how big of an arsenal of weapons we had in the previous games.We might get loads of new cool stuff in this one for Kratos rather than just his old axe.

The trailers have shown off a sort of shield for Kratos so that has opened up many more possibilities regarding weapons.

Both of the dwarves (Brokk and Eitri) will shape your playstyle along the way with providing diversity in weapons for Kratos and Atreus, so you can choose how you’re going to handle combat throughout the game. With a lack of quick-time events, combat is sure to feel much more immersive and an active and diverse arsenal of weapons will be key to taking down different types of enemies.

God of War will be coming to the PS4 sometime next year (2018) so be sure to check back for more!


Source: PlayStation Official Magazine October 2017 Issue 140