Star Wars Battlefront II: Petition To Revoke EA’s Rights To The Franchise Goes Viral As Players Have To Deal With Laggy Servers



Star Wars Battlefront II and it’s numerous controversies just refuse to lie down. The game has become somewhat of a focal point for everything that is wrong with big name publishers and the gaming Industry.

It seems that things are certainly taking a turn for the worst for EA and Star Wars Battlefront II as even the most ardent of the games supporters are now frustrated by the final product that has been handed to them. A number of different players on reddit are now complaining that the servers are lagging and this is severely hampering their online experience.  The fans it seems have had enough

“As someone who allows himself a lot of impulse buying based on desire to play games even if they’re bad, I will 100% never spend another cent on a Star Wars game under EA no matter how badly I want it if they fuck this up. I don’t want to support EA anymore than I already have, they clearly don’t care about us.”

This is the absolute last thing that Star Wars Battlefront II and EA needed after being involved in a number of different controversies in the past week or so. When law makers in various nations looking at loot boxes and whether or not they can be considered gambling and citing Star Wars Battlefront II as the prime example of exploitation , EA ought to know that this is way past damage control mode.

As if things could not get any worse there is also a petition going around which encourages Lucasfilm’s to revoke EA’s rights to the franchise.

“EA have had the Star Wars video game license for the last 4 years, and in that time they’ve proven to their consumers that they honestly don’t care about the gameplay experience or content, they’d rather rush out a game that will try and milk as much money out of consumers as possible.”

It seems things are just going to keep getting worse for EA and Star Wars Battlefront II and really they only have themselves to blame for this fiasco.

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  • Death5talker45

    I am not buying it and I h

  • Death5talker45

    I am not purchasing it and I have been a Star Wars fan since the 70s. I will continue to play my original XBox Battlefront I and II that I still own which are way better than the crap EA has put out. Also no more Madden for me.

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  • Hvd

    if they come close to the 14m sold they they want it wont matter.all they care about is the money.

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  • Jeff Messer

    The game is very fun, and if you buy into this BS and think this is the most important issue of the day, your priorities are SCREWED UP. I get it, I’d rather not have the game mechanic there either – but if you enjoy the core game experience you’re better off buying the game and not buying any loot crates! That also sends a message that they shouldn’t waste their time implementing that kind of system. But entirely boycotting the game just sends the messages that Star Wars games aren’t what we want, and dammit…I want more Star Wars games, not less.

    • Eskape

      That is a horrible idea and one that miserably failed. That flawed logic lead us to this point. The MT’s and DLC money grabs started small and weren’t necessary, until corporate greedy kicked in made it a “standard” requirement leading developers to making games around them.

      You will always have a audience for loot boxes that spend unreal amounts on them they even gave them names aka “whales”. Developers simply now try to dangle the carrot in-front of peoples faces in hopes to reel in more whales.

      • Jeff Messer

        I don’t disagree with you, it’s all a bunch of money grubbing ridiculousness. But I’m not going to stay away from my favorite universe over what it ultimately an economic issue, and we can each make a point of voicing our displeasure by not buying the crystals and/or crates. You guys all seem to forget that at the heart of the ugliness that is EA is a bunch of badass developers who just want to make a cool game. That part is worth buying the game in my opinion. Whales are going to be whales, and us poorer folk aren’t going to change the behavior of someone who’s stupid enough to dump thousands of dollars to get items a little more quickly than the rest of us.

        • Leland Erickson

          these complaints have already gotten results. the boxes were shutdown. Voting with dollars, is working. Uber is a huge example. I’m also sure sales are still just fine for this product.

          • Kazuya Darklight

            Unfortunately they were only shut down for now, EA specifically worded the update to allow themselves the chance to turn the system back on in the future. Presumably after things have finally blown over and it’s too late for refunds.

        • Kazuya Darklight

          Sadly, simply not buying the loot crates isn’t enough because the addictive and predatory nature of the system results in a handful of “super buyers” dumping huge amounts of extra cash into the crate system, enough that it’s worth it to EA and others to implement crates even if the majority abstain from buying them.

    • Beatokko

      Even though I do agree with you that the game looks beautiful and the core mechanics are good, these people are openly milking your love for the saga in your face. I don’t know how you feel about that, but in all honesty, I would feel like I’m not treated like a good customer or a faithful fan, but like a meaty bag of money. I don’t like that. Remember, each time you’re buying a product, you’re buying the whole experience that comes with it.

      • Jeff Messer

        It gives me that ick feeling, no doubt. But having played it for a good number of hours, I honestly don’t feel that the current system is all that different than the first game and some of the rounds I played over the weekend is the most fun I’ve had in multiplayer in ages. Now my perspective might be different than some of the others since I’m creeping into my early 40s, too. 🙂 I just don’t feel the need to rage about something so relatively trivial. If they decide to never activate the ability to buy crystals in game at this point, I’d be perfectly happy with what they’ve delivered. If/when they bring it back (which we all have to remind ourselves, they did clearly say this was temporary) I’ll be irritated too…but it’s not going to drastically ruin my enjoyment of the game. When Disney/Lucasfilm gave EA the exclusive rights to Star Wars, we got stuck with this, I think most of us saw this coming. If nothing else comes out of this, they’ve gotten the message loud and clear and we’ll just have to see what happens down the road. After seeing Battlefront 1’s community get fragmented with the different DLC packs though, if reinstating the stupid crystal system is the ONLY way we get a consistent game across the board with all items and characters and maps available to everyone…then so be it. I know it’s a false dichotomy, we shouldn’t HAVE to choose one or the other but it seems that’s what we’re stuck with if we want Star Wars games. The options available IMO then if you’re a huge SW fan isn’t about buying the game or not buying it, it’s only about whether or not you support the game additionally by dumping in more money with the loot crates – and I’m not doing that.

  • HaveSomeIntegrity

    I learned my lesson after buying the $100 version of the last one with the stupid season pass. I can’t feel sorry for people who STILL bought this after as much bad press as it’s been getting due to EA’s poor practices of selling incomplete games with an endless monetization model. Shame on you clowns for purchasing this game only to make more threats after the laggy servers. YOU are the problem. YOU empower companies like EA because you keep giving them money when they refuse to change.

    • Jeff Messer

      FWIW, this one is far more detailed and I’m enjoying it a hell of a lot more than the last one (and I played it quite a bit too.) I’m just tired of everyone finding every little thing to rage about these days. I gave then my $60, and they’ll get no more.

    • Beatokko

      Please remember there’s a ton of people that don’t even read the press and still buy these games.

  • LogicalTech

    It’s an amazing game with just about everything you could ask for. I’m 100% happy with my purchase as many of my friends are as well. Next thing the mob that started this whole controversy will say is that games that require you to put in time to unlock rewards are unfair and that nothing should be locked when you start playing a video game. And then they’ll demand that all games get throttled so people who can afford better equipment can’t pay to win by getting higher frame rates and better graphics. Don’t buy what these folks are shoveling, because the end goal here is not to teach EA a lesson, but is instead to remove any fun and incentive to play from video games.

    • Sam Arasi


      • LogicalTech

        Nah. I’m advancing an original narrative. The “Pay to Win” in Battlefront 2 was a joke, but the franchise is iconic which makes it a great target for those pushing their own agendas. If you buy high-end PCs for gaming, beware that you’ll eventually be the target of this crowd of malcontents, because “Pay to Win” through the purchase of better gaming equipment is a very real thing. So be careful what you wish for, PC Master Race.

  • It isn’t Lucasfim who gave the rights to EA. It’s Disney.

  • theunknownm

    I hope someone will get’s the right’s to own EA.

    I want valve to get the rights to star wars so we can have a half-life crossover

    Alex: Weres your crowbar?

    Gordon Freeman: “Takes out crowbar” This, This is my crowsaber.

    Alex: A whaa…

    Gordon Freeman: You know, A lightsaber that’s a crowbar.

    • Beatokko

      Funny idea, the problem is Valve haven’t done any games for the last 4 years and don’t even mention Half Life.

  • Principal Victoria

    It was $39.99 on Black Friday and everyone on my friends list picked up a copy. So much for negative press and boycotts.

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  • Tommy Raaby

    EA is pure scum sadly and after SWTOR they should never been able to touch star wars IP.

    • Ricardo Martínez de Tejada

      No, dude. They should´ve never been able to touch Star Wars -before- SWTOR.

  • Chayne

    How about a link to the actual petition?

    • If you click on the word petition , which has been hyperlinked it will take you directly to the page . Regards

      • John Guy

        it would help for those who missed it if you just put the full link instead of green text that can easily be missed, only a fraction of the upvoters on reddit directing to this article know where to look. If you can edit it, I suggest putting the full link for full support on this issue.

    • ThePiePieper

      No wonder we can’t see that link, the font is green. Good luck if you’re colorblind.

  • Mortalc13

    The company that should really own the rights and be in charge of production is Bethesda, I bet they’d produce one hell of a Star Wars game!

    • stephen mccord

      Ugh. Their games are always so buggy, and if its like Skyrim, and Fallout 4 you can expect it to take place on Dantooine, and fighting Sandpeople, since Bethesda favorite color is brown, and exploring isolated worlds.

      I would love to see a Platinum games balls to the walls jedi action game(no false sense of powers like in force unleashed, where you crush a star destroyer in a QTE but next scene you have to use all your powers to beat a guard). Have it take place during Old republic to avoid Movie lores, and traps.

      Or Rockstar for a more story based game. A drifter who fought in the great war against the Madalorians, settled down, but the town he was in was was suddenly attacked by Mandalorian mercs looking to collect on his head.

      Gearbox for an openworld FPS, Guns, Vibroblades, rockets, 4 Planets, Matchmaking, 1000 of hours of fun.

  • Death Clonic

    Yeah give the rights to those indie devs that got the hammer for making their own battlefront game. Let’s see what they had in mind.

  • KaptainKhaos

    I agree. Takeaway that license and give it to Rockstar or some development team that cares about their customers more than their bottom line. Ive known Rockstar to push game releases back, just because they didn’t want to release a sub-par product. EA is famous for sitting on their laurels to make a profit. They knew good and well that the game would sell on name alone. I didn’t drink the Ea Kool-Aid and purchase Battlefront 2, after my extreme disappointment from the first one. They need to realize that Star Wars fans expect more. They were scared that 2K was going to give them some real football competition, so they jumped all over that NFL exclusive license when the opportunity arose. Today the Madden games have the same bugs that they have had for years. Proof they are just putting a new coat of paint on an old barn every year. I don’t truly see how anyone can support EA anymore.

    • KS2banned

      At this point Rockstar are barely better than EA with all the shit they’re pulling in GTA online. They’ve basically made it so that in online if you want to get any of the new stuff they are adding, you have to either grind for weeks or buy shark cards.

  • Mike Berger

    EA sucks at life!