Star Wars Battlefront II: Petition To Revoke EA’s Rights To The Franchise Goes Viral As Players Have To Deal With Laggy Servers



Star Wars Battlefront II and it’s numerous controversies just refuse to lie down. The game has become somewhat of a focal point for everything that is wrong with big name publishers and the gaming Industry.

It seems that things are certainly taking a turn for the worst for EA and Star Wars Battlefront II as even the most ardent of the games supporters are now frustrated by the final product that has been handed to them. A number of different players on reddit are now complaining that the servers are lagging and this is severely hampering their online experience.  The fans it seems have had enough

“As someone who allows himself a lot of impulse buying based on desire to play games even if they’re bad, I will 100% never spend another cent on a Star Wars game under EA no matter how badly I want it if they fuck this up. I don’t want to support EA anymore than I already have, they clearly don’t care about us.”

This is the absolute last thing that Star Wars Battlefront II and EA needed after being involved in a number of different controversies in the past week or so. When law makers in various nations looking at loot boxes and whether or not they can be considered gambling and citing Star Wars Battlefront II as the prime example of exploitation , EA ought to know that this is way past damage control mode.

As if things could not get any worse there is also a petition going around which encourages Lucasfilm’s to revoke EA’s rights to the franchise.

“EA have had the Star Wars video game license for the last 4 years, and in that time they’ve proven to their consumers that they honestly don’t care about the gameplay experience or content, they’d rather rush out a game that will try and milk as much money out of consumers as possible.”

It seems things are just going to keep getting worse for EA and Star Wars Battlefront II and really they only have themselves to blame for this fiasco.

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