Phil Spencer Wants To See First Shipped Games Head To Xbox Game Pass

phil spencer

The move to a service based model has become a reality now with the Xbox Game Pass, which is being lauded as the Netflix for gaming. Phil Spencer while talking to Major Nelson was even of the opinion that he wanted Game Pass to grow into something like the popular streaming service has become.

Here is what he had to say regarding the future of the Xbox Game Pass.

There is an opportunity here to not just be about games that have already shipped. I would actually like to see this grow into a program where you can see frontline games/ first shipped games come into  Xbox Game Pass as a way to get distributed”.

He further continued by making an apt comparison with Netflix and how it has gone on to be much more than just an afterthought.

I think we have seen this in the TV Space with Netflix. At first Netflix was all about movies and TV Shows that I might have missed. Now some of the best TV out there is being made as a Netflix original”.

Phil Spencer also went on to say that he wanted Game Pass to grow into a program where some of the episodic and story based games can actually have a platform to shine. Xbox Game Pass is based upon the business model where a parent walks into a store buys a console , and for a fairly minimal price is able to get access to a hundred games.

Xbox Game Pass is going to come out later this year at an unspecified date as of yet. For the time being the game has went out to a limited preview audience with a limited catalog of games.

The Xbox Game Pass has the potential to be a service which can redefine gaming , and in many ways it is looking to do what no other service has been able to do before,” make gaming affordable” , and I think that it is a great move and possibly even a system seller.

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