Xbox One Scorpio’s Release Date May Be Announced Before E3, Xbox Game Pass Will See A Handful Of Games Every Month

xbox one S

It seemed a given that the Xbox One Scorpio’s release date would be announced at E3. However it now appears in the most recent episode of Unlocked Phil Spencer has talked about how the console might be coming out sooner than expected .

The Xbox boss talked about a number of different things ,with the most interesting bits of conversation being centered around the Xbox One Scorpio. According to Phil work on the Scorpio is proceeding nicely and they are ahead of schedule, and even though nothing is set in stone we might yet get to see the console a lot sooner than previously expected.

He also stated that doing everything at E3 could be a difficult task , and he wanted to talk about games on E3 rather than the hardware itself , and hence it seems to suggest that their is going to be an event before E3 which will announce the Scorpio’s release date. Make no mistake though Phil has himself said nothing is set in stone , and that Microsoft’s presentation at E3 will still be centered around the Scorpio.

He also reiterated that the console will be for the premium customer . Yet he also stated that it wont stray too far from the Xbox One S , and the Scorpio is first and foremost a part of the Xbox family and not a separate entity.

He also shed light on the latest Netflix like subscription service  Xbox Game Pass, which will be receiving a handful of titles each and every month . he clarified that he doesn’t expect a large number of games to move in and out every month , cause they are third party games and certain publishers will make decisions on whether they move in or out . Although in all fairness credit goes to Phil for honestly stating that he would be doing his level best to bring in fresh new content, and at the same time remaining transparent to manage fans expectations.

You can also check out the video below for the entire conversation.