The Flash Season 4 Episode “Girls Night Out” Was An Utter Debacle

The Flash Season 4


So if any of you this week tuned in to The Flash Season 4 Episode “Girls Night Out” you may have noted the episode had not so subtle overtones pertaining to women empowerment.

I feel that The Flash Season 4 Episode “Girls Night Out” tried a bit to hard to be politically correct, and as a consequence the plot and the story suffered and the episode for a lack of a better word was an utter debacle.

The episode was more annoying than empowering , and I feel that it is counter-intuitive for the show to describe everything that the girls did as # feminism. I get the fact that the writers were trying to portray a strong female cast , who were more than just mere second fiddles to their male counterparts but it did a very poor job of doing that.

Every other thing that the girls did in the episode was made to look extraordinary , even fighting the villain was seen as a revolutionary idea, and made to look like something which has never ever been done in a Flash episode.

Calling attention to the fact that the girls are doing something which is a part and parcel of every other Flash episode actually made it look like it was unusual for the women to be doing something  extraordinary.

The writers failed miserably as they forgot the first rule of weaving a compelling story arc , and that’s show , and not talk!! The female characters words in the entire episode seemed hollow and lacked any form of conviction. This isn’t the first time though that the writers have actually tried to force things down on our throat, with the “We are The Flash ” line by Iris drawing the ire of the internet and generating thousands of memes such as this one.



Not calling any attention to the fact that a strong independent character is going about a normal days event would have a much more lasting impact on the audience , and I cant help but feel that is something which the show runners have got horribly wrong on multiple occasions this season.

There is nothing extraordinary about a girl fighting a villain , and you don’t need to go wow!! a woman standing up to the bad guy!! or Oh wow a woman actually coming up with a plan!! or Oh my god a woman just fired a freaking gun is actually a counter intuitive exercise which defeats the legitimacy of the character.

The Flash Season 4 Episode “Girls Night Out”  will go down in my books as perhaps one of the worst episodes of the entire series.