First Teaser For Arrowverse’s Crisis On Earth X Out Now

Arrow Season 6 Episode 2


We take a look at the latest footage of Crisis on Earth X, with a new teaser that has been released for the fans

DC after the success of Marvel with the Defenders has decided to indulge in crossovers of their own. DC unlike the film world has introduced its solo super hero line to the audience. Arrow, The Flash, Super girl and the Legends of Tomorrow have all been out there for quite some time now. The people who have been following the show, understand the storylines, characters and even the villains of these shows.  DC feels that this is the right time to gift them with another crossover just like last season but only on a much bigger scale.

One of the major challenges that DC had at its disposal to set a scenario that will bring all super heroes together. DC decided to choose Barry Allen’s and Iris West’s wedding to be the setting for the crossover. We think that its quite a solid reason for all the super heroes to come under one roof. A wedding occasion followed by despair also fits perfectly to the plot.

Recently a ten second footage was revealed showing all super heroes including an unknown character (rumored to be Promtheus X) united and moving in a corridor. These heroes are expected to face people from Earth X. Earth X is a different an Earth of a different universe altogether. In this Earth the scenarios are quite different. Germany has won the world war 2 and the world is under control by the Nazis.

What the true motive of these people from Earth X is still unknown but one thing is clear. If they are depicting a Nazi mindset there is a possibility that their leader would be going from one Earth to another with the supreme objective of acquiring everything.

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