Call Of Duty 2017 Is Sledge Hammer Game’s Biggest “Game-Making Project To Date”

Call Of Duty 2017

After a lot of rumors and speculation Call Of Duty 2017 seems to be all but a certainty. According To rumors there is a strong possibility that the game will be based around a World War 2 setting. Although nothing is official a leaked poster has suggested that the game’s release date is 3rd November 2017.

This year Call Of Duty 2017 will be delivered by the good folks at Sledge Hammer Game’s , and in a recent blog post which talks about their studio expansion in anticipation of the new game,  they have said that Call of Duty 2017 will be their biggest game to date .

“This year, we will release our biggest game-making project to date. We are extremely excited to reveal it to the world and to you, our HammerHeads. With an incredible team of talented developers and hard-working innovators, all that’s left in the equation is a workspace that matches the level of excellence that Hammers strive towards.”

The post also went on to say that the game is moving game and construction are “moving full-speed ahead” and that people can soon start visiting the studio, indicating that construction has almost finished.

Call OF Duty 2017 is said to take you back to World War 2 , and this might be a good move after all considering the fact that the futuristic based settings were getting a tad bit repetitive. In recent years milking has been a serious issue for the franchise , with each year a new Call Of Duty coming out in the series. Many fans want the franchise to go on some sort of a hiatus , however Activision has continued to milk the franchise and this is set to continue with plans for a series of movies based on the popular franchise.

However we have seen in the past most video game adaptations have just failed to live up to the hype , and in general it may not be a good move. As for Call Of Duty 2017 , it is a welcome change of scenery one which I feel was much needed for the franchise.