It’s 2018 And GTA V Is About To Cross The Coveted 100 Million Milestone



It’s becomes quite a challenge for game developers to come up with new and innovative titles. Leaving the audience in awe every time they play a game is quite difficult indeed. However there is one game that has continued to sell out worldwide nearly 5 years after it was originally release.

Yes! We are talking about Rock Star games GTA V.  The game still continues to dominate charts even after more than four years of its release. GTA V managed to top UK charts in the week ending January 13, 2018 and is now rooted for another major achievement.

Take Two, the parent company for Rock Star in its latest investor conference has revealed that GTA V has managed to sell around 90 million units globally. What seems most astonishing is that around 15 million units of GTA V were sold in 2017 alone constituting roughly around 16% of its entire sales.  Now the company is looking to cross the 100 million units sold barrier which will be quite a milestone.

We feel that the rise in online gaming and GTA V’s unique online features helped it create a lucrative unique value proposition. Most game developers focus more on the main story and create the online platform as a formality. But Rockstar’s combination of a great story mode and equally interesting and diverse online platform meant that gamers will find it hard to let go of the game that easily.

In marketing one very important concept is the product life cycle. One of the reasons why companies keep on producing more products when the former go into saturation, but when we talk about GTA V there hasn’t been any saturation at all. The game was first released on the PS3 and then found its way to the PS4 and managed to remain popular. That is quite a feat itself for RockStar Games, and it might never ever be repeated by another developer.