Xbox One X Is Outselling The PS4 Pro In USA Says Analyst

Xbox One


Microsoft’s Xbox was quite a late entrant in the gaming arena when compared to Sony’s PlayStation . This generation Xbox One has been left far behind in terms of sales when compared with the PS4, however it’s mid-gen update the One X has performed admirably.

Although Microsoft does not reveal the number of units sold , recently an analyst provided an insight into the number of units the Xbox One has supposedly sold.

Microsoft has managed to sell 35 million Xbox one consoles. Moreover, the mid-gen update the Xbox One X has managed to surpass the sales of PS4 Pro in the US.  The information comes via Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmed , who goes by the moniker of  Z huge Ex .He further added that “In the US, when launch aligned, yes. “The One X got off to a really good start.” He cited NPD data that’s not public yet as the source for the Xbox One X data.

For comparison Sony has announced that the PS4 has sold more than 76.5 Million units worldwide. The figure is more than double the supposed number of Xbox One units sold. However at the same time the One X is by far the better mid-gen upgrade when compared with the PS4 Pro. It’s graphical prowess by far make it the much superior console when compared with the PS4 Pro.

The reason why sales have been affected is due to the lack of exclusives, and that is something Phil spencer and Co are continuously working on . With Crackdown 3, Sea Of Thieves and a rumored new Fable title Xbox One may yet be able to have a stellar 2018 in terms of sales.

I for one am excited for the new direction that Microsoft and Xbox One are taking and it will be interesting to see if 2018 provides us with a number of amazing Xbox One exclusives.