Witcher 3 Developer CD Projekt Red Is Looking At VR Gaming

Cd Projekt Red Witcher

CD Projekt RED is closely looking at VR revealed Michał Kicińsk in an interview.Virtual reality gaming is unchartered territory for most game developers. Quite a few of them have taken a keen interest in it yet few have actually ended up releasing VR games. Nevertheless plenty of developers are contemplating an entry to VR gaming, most notably The Witcher 3 developer CD Projekt Red.

In an interview with Glixel, CD Projekt Red’s Michał Kicińsk spoke out on the company’s interest in virtual reality, while sharing his personal thoughts as he is seeking out something substantial in terms of experience for VR.

“”We are observing with interest. We are telling stories. If VR can help us, we’ll definitely consider it. But right now, I’m personally looking for something really substantial as an experience. Why did I pre-order the Switch? Not because I want the Switch. Because I want Zelda.
And also, I’m probably not a very good case, because I get nausea very fast.”

So we just might see the Polish developers come out with something that utilizes VR technology

CD Project Red’s latest offering is Cyberpunk 2077 which Has the Potential to Be a Bigger Commercial Success than the Witcher 3, according to one of the companies co-founders, Michał Kicińsk

Meanwhile in other news regarding VR, Resident Evil 7’s lead VR engineer Kazuhiro Takahara talked about the challenges they faced while implementing VR in the game saying that Adding VR To Resident Evil 7 Was Like Working On Two Games At Once.

It would be great if there actually was a VR version of the Witcher series, but this just might be something which we may see in the near future.

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