What’s The Obsession With Mario’s Nipples In Super Mario Odyssey?

Super Mario Odyssey


Recently in a Nintendo Direct event new details were released for Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch. The iconic character who was formerly a plumber, has been around for decades, however at Nintendo Direct the character was shown in a whole new light.

During the presentation Mario was seen shirtless , flaunting his nipples on the majestic shores of Bubblaine which is in the Seaside Kingdom.

As Bob Dylan would say “oh the times they are a changing”. Mario’s shirtless antics have sent the internet into a meltdown and some fans just cant handle his nipples.Here are a few select Tweets which highlight how Mario’s show of nipples has taken the internet by storm.

One fan also wants to know where did all them chest hairs go? , and what about Luigi?

Then there are those who also want realistic anatomy to apply to other famous Nintendo characters as well. With calls for Link to also get a pair of nipples

But really what’s the deal with the Internet’s obsession with Mario’s nipples? I mean yes he is a human (former)plumber and he is bound to have nipples ? I mean sure he is showing a bit of skin , and he is shirtless, but why is it such a big deal?. The only plausible explanation that I can come with is this is a character which has been around since childhood for most of us, and much like us Mario has grown up and gone on to have a physical transformation which perhaps is a decade too late, and hence surprising to longtime Mario fans.

Another interesting conversation which I had with my colleague yesterday suggested a somewhat strange concept of gender objectification, and how Mario is one of those unique male video game characters who has endured the ire of gender objectification.

Another point that was raised in the said discussion was if Princess Peach  was seen in a bikini this would have immediately warranted calls for Gender objectification by SJW’s (Social Justice Warriors), but since Mario is an iconic male character the same could not be enforced upon him.

I dismissed this as politically correct BS. Don’t get me wrong while I do believe that gender objectification whether the target is a male or female is wrong , but I believe that certain stories in video games need to be told within a certain narrative which fits the overall dynamics of the game.

Hence Mario having nipples in Super Mario Odyssey is not a big deal, not enough to warrant it as gender objectification, and certainly not to have the internet go Gaga over it. Though I am loving the memes that are coming my way.

While I am perplexed with why its such a big deal on the internet today , I still believe that it is nothing more than light hearted banter and should be taken as such. Let’s see what shirtless antics Mario gets upto when Super Mario Odyssey releases next month on October 2017.As always let us know your comments and suggestions by commenting in the comments section below.