New Info Suggests God Of War 4 Looks Likely For A 2018 Release Date

God Of War

Despite many rumors regarding God Of War 4  ( God OF War) , it now appears that the game will indeed be releasing somewhere around 2018. It does appear that this will be March as each and every other game in the series has been release in the month of March.

Previously it was thought that God Of War 4 would be released in 2017 after we spotted that Christopher Judge, the voice actor for Kratos  had written it in his Twitter Bio. Have a look for yourself.

Now it may be possible that he started working the voice overs for Kratos in the year 2017, but then he changed his bio yet again , and it now reads he will be voicing Kratos till 2018 Have a look for yourself , in the image down below.

Now the only reason that possibly comes to my mind is that this is due to the fact that the game is going to be coming out in 2018, which is a big bummer as I was almost convinced that we were going to see God Of War 4 coming out in the latter part of 2017.

A 2018 release would also make sense since recently Santa Monica Studio , the developers behind God Of War 4 were still hiring individuals to work on the game. Many questioned whether there were some developmental problems and that’s why more professionals were being added to the team however Cory Barlog poured cold water on those suggestions. Here is what he had to say.

Although video game developers hire all the time since the nature of the job demands it to be so , one cannot help but wonder whether God Of War 4 ran into an unexpected delay, as in late 2016 Cory Barlog confirmed that the game was playable from start to finish. It usually takes around 6 months for the game to be complete after its first play-through.

This was back in December of 2016, and hence realistically speaking a release date of 2016 was not far from the realms of possibility. Still I am not ruling out a December 2017 release but chances of that happening now appear to be slim.

Then there is the fact that Cory Barlog again responded to a fan after he had asked him a question in old Norse dialect. Here is the conversation that follows.

The exchange roughly translates to please tell me the release date? , to which Barlog replies I wish I could but I don’t know yet. Now this may be a way of keeping your cards close to your chest , but I believe that God Of War 4 did hit a snag somewhere in development , and as a result they may have had to push back the release window for the game.

I do believe however that come E3 2017 we will hear about an announcement regarding God Of War 4 , it will possibly be a new trailer or something , but don’t expect a release date just yet.

A release date of 2018 would certainly give Sony an advantage as an AAA title and a system seller like God Of War will certainly ensure that the pull ahead from their closest competition and stay ahead of the pack.

Let us know if you still believe a 2017 release date is likely by commenting in the comments section below.