SIE Japan GM Apologizes For PS4 Pro And PSVR Supply Issues, Says VR Games Will Improve With Enhanced Tech


The Taipei Game show is being held from 19th January to the 24th Of January at the Taipei World Center. The opening ceremony was initiated by Sony Interactive Entertainment Taiwan, and during the event Mr. Hiroyuki Oda who is the Asian General manager of SIE Japan explained the current situation regarding the sales of PS4, and the PSVR.

Oda said, “Sales of PS4 exceeded 53.4 million units worldwide, and the sales total of PS4’s game software reached more than 400 million (401.1 million),” , “2016 was a year when we were able to offer a fruitful product line-up,” PS4 with a slim shape, PS4 Pro with further improved performance, and PSVR . However, for PS4 Pro and PSVR, we apologize for the fact that the number of units supplied was insufficient and could not meet the demand of purchasers.

However he did continue and went on to say that they had ensured that there would be 3000 PS4 Pro and 1000 PSVR units available at the Taipei Games Show , and that there would not be a supply issue.

He also added that in the future we can expect VR games quality to get better and better with enhanced technology, and game content diversity will increase with the increase in the number of software.

He also pointed out that even though they had prepared extensively there were supply issues in Taiwan, and all over the world with both PS4 Pro and PSVR. However they are looking to counter this by increasing supply volumes , and they will do this by strengthening material procurement and productivity.

This is not the first time we are hearing about supply issues concerning the PSVR as back during the Holiday season of 2016 , there was also a severe shortage in the UK, and many individuals had to wait till the new year to get their hands on a PSVR.

However its good to see that Sony is doing its level best to increase production and try to cater to the demands for their plethora of fans scattered around the world.